Thursday, September 20, 2007


Linda put up a post that got me thinking.

What kinds of things do you people collect?

Longaberger baskets?
Franklin Mint plates of Princess Diana?

Here in Jenworld, we have a variety of collections, some intentional and some not.

I've saved every postcard I've ever gotten, including some that go back to the 1970s. As a family, we've added more as we've traveled.

Another family collectible is smooshed pennies. You know, where you put a penny and two quarters in one of those machines, turn the crank, and out pops an elongated penny with an imprint of the Statue of Liberty or the DC Zoo. (I know, I know, tacky, but it's cheaper than the girls talking us into another damn stuffed animal.)

I personally love cobalt glass bottles and have small collection I've added to slowly. Having fragile things that gather dust is just the last thing I need in my wee house, but there's something about cobalt glass that makes me feel so happy that I can't not have them. So I have cobalt blue wine bottles and cobalt blue milk bottles and other cobalt blue bottles. And I'm always on the lookout for more. I seem to remember a brand of seltzer water that comes in a cobalt blue bottle, but haven't come across it here in Small Town, Virginia.

Pete is something of a pack rat and does not naturally purge his belongings unless I nag him for weeks on end. Graceful and Elegant appear to be the same way. Sometime I just have to sweep through their rooms, just to make sure the Health Department doesn't get called in. Such as, that time I discovered that Elegant had been saving ALL of her used bandaids. [shudder] Graceful is more of a scavenger and I tend to have to divest her of trash, including last week when she tried to squirrel away the used dryer sheet after we folded laundry. I'll allow a lot, but I do have my limits.

So, tell me something about YOU. What do you collect?


The Hotfessional said...

Copper Jello Molds! and Copper tea kettles.

Terry said...

Vinyl Lps
rugs & textiles
church pews (don't laugh, I have 3)
many more things I can't remember

melissa said...

sparkling or still

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I collect frogs, cookie cutters, cookbooks, rubberbands (we have an awesome rubberband ball going), and I have a bad habit of wanting to keep every tin or storage container that I can get my hands on!

Lacey said...

Good question! I collect rubber ducks (dont ask!) and Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses. And thanks for the comments on my blogs!

Lori Anderson Designs said...


Pretty papers.

Pretty greeting cards.

Beads (you'd be surprised how many never get made into anything to sell, but are just there for enjoyment).

I would love to have a vintage tin collection but don't have room for it here.

Sizzle said...

i collect broken hearts.

just kidding.

come to think of it...i don't collect anything. maybe i should start?

MizMell said...

I've been saving our wine corks for the past 5 years. I saw a new tray done with wine corks and decided I could make one. Then I thought I might make coasters. Then I went a step further (WAY out there) and decided I would pour an acrylic floor in the basement bath and fill it full of wine corks so visitors could read the labels while they were attending to business...

Jojo said...

I don't really collect anything, though admittedly I have a lot of books. I too used to hang onto postcards (received and purchased), but last year I got rid of them all. These days, I'm all about simplifying and getting rid of clutter.

Happy Working Mom said...

Eeewwww....used bandaids???

I collect Hard Rock Cafe pins (don't have a whole lot, but it's still fun). My mother has me started on a Precious Moments collection (don't have a whole lot of those either).

You know, as a kid I'd collect tons of things, but now looking at my life, there isn't really anything I collect...I think it's because I try really hard to get as much out of my money as I can.