Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Anxiety and gratitude

I've mentioned here before that I read a lot of blogs. Today, one blogger whom I enjoy greatly had a comment about Tourette Syndrome. I think we all can agree that's one of my hot buttons.

As with another blog I read this past summer and then wrote about, this blogger made a comment about TS that was supposed to be funny, but to the mother of a child with it, was actually offensive in a way that I just couldn't just ignore. And believe me, it's rare that I take offense over some of the things I read online, especially since I so often dish it out.

I know this blogger didn't mean to be hurtful. I know that.

But, instead of letting it slide and just moving on with my life, I instead posted a comment trying to politely explain that the comment was mean in a way that's not acceptable.

I was actually anxious about doing this, because I knew I was opening myself up to this blogger's possible scorn and derision. This is a huge blogger, people. Someone who probably has thousands of readers around the world. Someone who has certainly not heard of Jen on the Edge. The type of blogger who gets dozens and dozens of comments with every new entry.

So, not only was I setting myself as the blogger's possible target, I was putting myself out there to be flamed by the other commenters.

I know, I know, in the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal. But we all know that there are certain rules of civility that exist in this e-world of ours and not everyone respects those rules.

So I was fully prepared to have to take some shit.

After we got back from soccer practice today, I checked the other blogger's entry and comments. This person had removed the comment I thought was offensive. I posted another comment with my appreciation and I hope he understands I don't normally have such a huge stick up my ass.

Graceful's tics are actual calming down right now, which is what they do. We'll have a four week cycle with about two weeks on the upswing and then two weeks where they fade away. Then we start again with a whole new set of twitches, grunts, throat clearing, head jerking, or whatever. It remains to be seen what she'll turn to next, but it will surely be something.

So, if the blogger to whom I am referring ever stumbles across this entry, thanks man. I can't tell you how much that small amount of editing meant to me, a minor blogger here in Virginia and the mother of a daughter with TS.


b*babbler said...

I meandered over here from your comment on DGM. It can be hard when you know the audience will be enormous and not necessarily supportive. So many people would have remained silent. Good for you for not being one of the silent majority, but for standing up for what you believe in.

TX Poppet said...

It's all about education. Thank you from another Tourette's mom.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

My nephew has Tourette's. So hard for him. He has to repeat words over and over and over etc and many other things. I think your speaking about how you feel is important. Just because a comment comes from Cyberspace it does not negate your entitlement to confront that person. And sometimes people say things without thinking and probably appreciate being reminded now and then that they made an error along the way.

countrymouse said...

I too meandered here from I-don't-remember-where-now. I am ashamed to admit I once made what I thought was a "funny" reference to TS in a blog post. I wasn't thinking about it from the perspective of a family who actually lives with it. Apologies : (

Jennifer said...

TX Poppet: I had no idea. Thanks for telling me.

Countrymouse: No need to apologize, but thank you nonetheless. If I weren't touchy about the topic, the other blogger's comment would have been humorous to me too.

blackbird said...

You were in a tough situation - you are emotionally tied to the topic and it's a delicate area.
But it sounds like you spoke from your heart and didn't mean any harm...