Monday, September 24, 2007

8 random things

Hotfessional (don't you just love that blog name?!?) has tagged me for the 8 Random Things Meme. And for no reason at all, I've decided to make it eight random things about the two principal adults here in Jenworld.

And we're off:

1. Pete's father's family is of German ancestry (100% on Grandpa Augie's side) and our last name, while only one syllable, is nearly unpronounceable to some people. There's a famous German playwright of the same last name, but that's not our people.

2. Pete and I have a special whistle that we use when we're out in public and lose each other, or even when I'm wandering around our wee house trying to find him. The whistle comes from the James Bond movie "The Living Daylights." In the movie, Q gives Bond some sort of keychain with various functions and Bond has to whistle to make the keyring do each thing, such as beep or blow up. Bond uses the keychain thingy to great effect, including at the end when he whistles to find the girl. Yes, we're nerds like that.

3. The Police concert that we're going to in November is the first concert we'll ever have attended together. Really. About the closest we've come is Cirque du Soleil "Delirium." He's been to concerts and I've been to concerts, but not together. He saw the Stones with my stepmother. She was so tickled by their "date" and that he asked her, that he considered getting her a corsage, just for kicks. Instead, he got her a wonderfully tacky Rolling stones pin that lights up.

4. I cut his hair. High and tight, like in the military. I use electric clippers and just go at it until I see his scalp. I'd shave him bald, but we both agree that bald doesn't always look good on geeky white guys.

5. He's right handed and I'm left handed, so when we were first dating, he'd always walk on my right so that we could hold hands but still have our dominant hands free.

6. When we got engaged, Pete gave me a very nontraditional sapphire with little diamonds on either side. I almost never wear my engagement ring because I really don't like wearing rings anymore. Instead, I wear two simple bands: one plain and one with a few diamonds in a channel setting and I hardly notice them, they're so comfortable. Only when I'm dressing up do I pull out the flashier stuff.

7. He doesn't buy me flowers, but he does give wonderfully thoughtful gifts, such as seeking out my favorite British candy bar and buying me a large quantity. Or, picking up a CD he knows I wants. Or cooking a special meal for my birthday.

8. No matter where we are, we always sleep in the same spots in the bed. Our respective locations came from when we were in our first house and I was on the side closest the bedroom door. I wasn't sleeping well and was having nightmares and we finally realized that my closer proximity to the door and the resulting view down the stairs to the front door was making me feel unsafe. We swapped places and have never changed, regardless of where we've lived.

Okay, that's eight things. More like eight stories actually.

I'm tagging Aims, Linda, Lori, Melissa, Josie, Grace Ellen, Suzanne, and Marijean. Let me know if you're participating. And, I really look forward to reading what you come up with.


Linda and her Surroundings said...

Well, I will be participating in this meme - will now go to bed and think about 8 random things that someone else may find interestingish (is that a word?).

Marijean said...

I did it -- thanks for the tag -- don't you SLEEP? Check out my eight at

Jennifer said...

Marijean: I do sleep, but not so much last night. Some nights, I just can't turn my brain off, so I end up just puttering around the house in the wee hours.

Marijean said...

Ah, me, too. Just some nights. Next time I'll try to see if you're around and we can chat till we get sleepy. It'll be a blogger slumber party.

Aims said...

ZOMG My first meme! Please tell me the protocol!!!! OOh fun! xxx

Suzanne said...

Well, I did this meme back in May, but if I can come up with eight additonal random factoids, I'll participate again.

Josie said...

I promise to do the meme...but need time to think. I've only had one coffee so far this morning :)

As for you and Pete -how cute are you 2?

The Hotfessional said...

I'm so glad you participated Jen. Very cool stuff. Mr. Hot and I do the same with our sleeping positions - it doesn't matter where we are. I even sleep on the "correct" side of the bed when I travel!

Grace Ellen said...


Aims said...

Me again! I have done mine....very fun! Thanks jen x