Tuesday, September 04, 2007

#7 for Elegant

Dear Elegant,

Seven years ago today, you came into this world and our lives have never been the same.

Your big sister wasn't so happy about your arrival and the fact that she was no longer the only princess in Jenworld. We made you fun for her by holding you up and pretending that you were Godzilla smashing down the Little People village we'd just set up. "Great Big Giant Ellie" was a game that we never got tired of.

You were an amazingly easy baby. You slept well from the start and only cried when you were hungry or that you deemed your older sister was getting more than 50% of the attention. We couldn't believe how well things were going and how lucky we'd gotten to have a happy mellow baby who slept a lot.

Elegant at three months
Little did we know...

The easy stuff ended when you learned to crawl, pull up, cruise, walk, and run between the ages of eight and nine months, thereby ensuring that we didn't have a moment's peace for a couple of years. By your first birthday, you had learned to climb, including onto the kitchen table, and we often found you in places you had no business being.

We had to take childproofing to a whole new level.

But you were just so sweet and adorable, how could we be upset with you for getting into trouble? You ran and whirled and moved through each day, eager to embrace life and all that it had to offer -- a trait that has continued to this very day.

And every night you collapsed in exhaustion and spent the next 12 hours recharging your batteries.

And sometimes during the day too.

You were an early, precocious talker and I think we all can agree that "I need chocolate!" is a great first sentence, even if it was in the middle of a tantrum.

By age two, you were developing your amazing fashion sense. Your sartorial splendor over the years has included some outfits that will go down in history:

This fashion sense continues even today. (See here and here.)

One thing people always comment on when they're around you is your incredible joie de vivre. You truly enjoy life and it's a lesson we can all learn from you.

Your confidence and faith in yourself and your ability to do anything you set your mind to do is something that absolutely thrills me. I love the way you stick with a project until you've figured it out or finished it. And I love the way you live life as though you are a superhero and can handle anything.

There's a part of me that can't believe you're only seven years old because it feels like you've been in our lives longer. And then there's another part of me that can't believe you're seven already. Where does the time go?

You are an amazing child Eleanor Meredith and I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday!

Love, Mommy


Suzanne said...

So sweet!

She sounds a LOT like the kind of holy but charming terror that I was as a child. Except the sleeping part.

I've been a night owl from the very beginning and it was always a battle for my parents to try to get me to go to bed at what anyone else would consider a decent hour.

Still, I can imagine my mother writing me a similar birthday greeting, if she had done that kind of thing. I'm sure she wishes she had.

Ellie will treasure your memories and love for her. Lucky girl.

And happy birthday to you, proud momma! Congratulations on bringing such a spectacular child into the world seven years ago!

MizMell said...

She sounds like my youngest Jeni, nicknamed Generator, for obvious reasons.
Jeni's favorite accessories at that age were a rhinestone tiara and a hospital bracelet she earned after swallowing a quarter.
Hug her tight. She won't be seven forever.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

That is a very lovely tribute to a very sweet sounding girl (and terribly cute - what is it with girls!). It is good that you really appreciate and encourage her free spirit. I also like seeing those photos because it is nice to see other people leading quiet and important lives in other parts of the world.

Happy Working Mom said...

How beautiful!!!

Isn't it amazing to look back through the years and see how different they are at different stages?

It's great that she realized we all need chocolate at an early stage!

blackbird said...

Happy Birthday from Tuvalu!

Rebecca said...

She looks like an amazing little girl, and so adorable! Glad you are able to enjoy all the little moments of her childhood.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

That is so sweet, I'll have to borrow the idea for Zack's b'day!

Josie said...

That was a wonderful tribute to Ellie. Brought a tear to my eye.

She's got an amazing sense of fashion and what better words than "I want chocolate."

Congrats to both of you on this special day :)