Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why I love our school

It's the beginning of the year, which means building relationships with new teachers.

Late this afternoon, I emailed Elegant's teacher to tell her a little bit about my girl, her ADHD, and the occupational therapy stuff. Just a head's up, in case last year's teacher hasn't passed on any info.

Then I sent an email to Graceful's teacher, explaining what Tourette Syndrome is, how it affects Graceful, and what strategies are helpful for my girl to cope. I asked for her help with educating the other adults who will interact with Graceful and to keep me informed of anything she sees that concerns her.

Within 30 minutes, I had a wonderful email from the first teacher. Less than an hour later, the second teacher called me and was even more wonderful. These woman are just so great and I adore them already.


erin said...

I actually watched a documentary on HBO about kids with Tourette Syndrome. It was short but interesting, and I have to say that I was mainly inspired to watch it b/c of your earlier post about the condition. I'm embarrassed to admit that prior to reading your post, my knowledge/impression (or whatever you want to call it) of Tourette's largely came from the movie "What about Bob?" Most of the kids in the HBO doc were quite eloquent about what they deal with in school and from friends/society, etc. One little boy talked about how he sometimes couldn't finish homework assignments b/c of his tics, and how his mother wrote a note to the teacher explaining the situation - and the teacher read the note to the entire class. I was so angry for that kid! I'm glad your daughters won't be dealing with anything like that.

TXPoppet said...

I have a boy and a girl with Aspergers/Autism Spectrum and boy has the Tourettes that usually goes along with it. I had to read your post after seeing your comment on Badger's page about not being a helicopter mom but being a "Tank Mom". I'm so stealing that. You're my kind of girl.

Jennifer said...

Erin: We're really lucky with Grace's TS. At this point, it's not that bad and most kids don't notice it at all, but her tics are increasing and will do so for the next four years. (TS peaks between ages 9 and 13 and then wanes.) The school has been really supportive, while also being discreet. If I ever had issues with a school like the kid you described, I'd probably blaze through there like Sherman's march on Atlanta. No one messes with my kids, no one.

TXPoppet: I didn't coin the term Tank Mom, but wish I had. I saw it in the paper not long ago and it actually had a more negative connotation than my use of it.

Josie said...

Having wonderful, caring teachers makes the school process so much easier. We have lucked out so far with WB.
Very happy you and the girls have that additional support :)