Thursday, August 09, 2007

What she won't be getting for her birthday

Graceful is still keen on her dollhouse this summer and has asked for a family of porcelain dolls to inhabit the wee dwelling. She specifically wants a family of five: mother, father, sister, brother, baby; she wants them to be porcelain; and she wants them to be old-fashioned, not modern. A tall order, but we'll try to accommodate her wishes.

So I've been searching the internet, trying to find a compromise between not spending $35/doll and not getting something cheap and flimsy. In the course of my searches, I came across this doll:

Yep, that's right. For those children with dollhouse bordellos. I haven't come across a pimp or teeny tiny condoms yet.


melissa said...

thats great, it makes me want to look for the rest of the set of bordello dolls. Is there a haggard looking Madam, past her prime, over weight and busting out of her corset and not in a good way. Can you say backfat.

Alice said...

or just get her a bratz doll??

Jennifer said...

Alice, NO BRATZ!!! :-)