Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, you're only a day away

Whew! What a day it has been so far, and we're not even done yet. Not even close.

So far today, I have:
  • Worked. Because, you know, I have a job that needs my attention.
  • Good thing I have that job too, because I was informed by our dentist today that Graceful is in need of orthodontia and possibly soon. We had a panoramic x-ray taken, and people you would not believe the shit we saw on Graceful's x-ray. Teeth all over the mother fucking place, including 12 year molars that are forming NOW (Because why wait for when she's actually 12?), and it looks like there are two girls' worth of teeth in there. Even Elegant, who has lost only two teeth so far (and isn't that just the saddest you've ever heard), is showing signs of the same kind of crowding. And I can look in the mirror and see whose DNA is to blame here.
  • After that, I hied myself down the hall to the orthodontist's office, where I made the appointment for next month. The receptionist kindly informed me that the consultation is free. That's nice, especially since we might have to take out second, third, and possibly fourth mortgages on the house just to pay for the massive dental restructuring I'm envisioning at this moment.
  • The girls and I had lunch out to end the summer with a bang.
  • Then it was on to the craft store, where we picked up supplies for the girls' birthday parties next month, as well as yarn for a new knitting project for me. Because I have so much time for knitting. But since I'll be spending Saturdays either sitting on the sidelines of one girl's soccer games or watching the other girl flip and tumble in gymnastics, I might as well have something to keep my hands busy.
  • Then we went to hell, ahem, Sam's Club, which I had tried to avoid mightily doing with the girls (even though they're both fabulous helpers), but we ran out of the all-important Mommy Caffeine. Oh, and milk too. And bananas. I also picked up three cooked chickens (see below).
  • When we got home, I put a pot roast in the oven for dinner tonight. I also de-boned the three aforementioned chickens. The meat was put in bags in the freezer, while the bones and stuff are simmering in a big-ass pot on the stove because, what the hell, I had nothing better to do than make homemade chicken broth today. Or ever.
  • Started laundry.
  • Ironed cloth napkins. I know, I know.
  • Handled phone calls for work.
  • Sent work emails.
  • Et cetera.
From this moment on, we are officially on the School Schedule. Dinner at 6:30. The girls' showers beginning at 8:00. Reading time. Lights out at 9:00 and 9:15. (We're trying new bedtimes. Elegant's on SUPER MEGA TRIPLE PROBATION with hers. The first morning she gives us any grief about being tired and not wanting to get up for school, she goes back to a bedtime of 8:45 or possibly even 8:30. Graceful, on the other hand, could probably stay up until 10:00 and be fine, but since I often go to bed at 10:00 myself, I refuse to have the same bedtime as a third grader.)

The backpacks and lunchboxes are ready. First-day-of-school outfits are picked out. (And Elegant's pissed. The children now have P.E. three days a week, which means she can't wear dresses or skirts those days.) I've put new batteries in the camera for getting-in-the-bus photos.

We're ready for tomorrow.

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Rebecca said...

Ironed cloth napkins? Are you serious? I know I have an iron somewhere, but it was probably the first thing to go when my son was born. (That's a lie, I never ironed before he was born either). I give you a ton of credit for handling everything as well as you do!