Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Some day

Some day, it will be fall here in Virginia.

Some day, it will be not be almost 100 fucking degrees, with a heat index of 108 mother fucking degrees. Oh and the humidity is 80%.

Some day, I will be able to walk outside and not feel the skin and flab melting off my bones. (Okay, so the flab can melt right off, but the skin stays.)

Some day, I will be able to wear sweaters again. And cashmere wraps. And lovely socks with my Danskos.

Some day, I will be able to cook soups and pot roasts and chicken & dumplings, instead of serving chilled ice, ice au gratin, ice ala mode, and more ice. I might bitch about cooking, but I do like to eat more than just ice.

Some day, I'll be able to sit on My Precious with the Dr. Who blanket wrapped around me while I read.

In the meantime, I guess all this suffering is good for me, but I can't wait for SOME DAY to get here, and soon dammit.


Aims said...

Wanna swap? Last night I had to put mittens on so that I could read my book in bed without my hands freezing off. Then I shivered in the shower. Then I had to de-ice my windscreen. Then I get to work where it's hot and fuggy and everyone has the flu. I can't wait for summer and daylight savings!

Jennifer said...

Mmmmm...soup. I live on soup in the winter time. Which I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever see again, frankly.

Suzanne said...

This is why I don't miss living on the Eastern Seaboard, especially not during summer.

The heat.

And the humidity.

And the mosquitoes.

I do miss swimming in the Atlantic, though.

But if I can't be at the beach, FORGET IT!!

Jennifer said...

Suzanne, it's so ungodly here now that the mosquitoes have fled for a friendlier climate.

MizMell said...

We had ice cream for dinner last night! I have had my fill of cucumber dips and cold pea salads.

I think I'll be brave today and cook shrimp scampi...