Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have decided that Graceful should be a judge or a Supreme Court justice, as she is wise and makes solid decisions.

A fellow third grade mother emailed today to invite Graceful to have a sleepover with her daughter C. Graceful and C were in 1st grade together, in different classes last year, and are in the same class again this year. In 1st grade, we invited C over here a couple of times and to Graceful's birthday party. C invited Graceful to her own party in return. But, the girls' interest in each other seemed to wane by Thanksgiving and they haven't played together outside of school since then.

The policy in our house is that our girls have to have played at the other child's house before a sleepover can occur. Graceful has not been to C's house.

I also tend to talk honestly with parents before a first playdate, in order to ascertain such things as do they have a gun or other weapons in their home? This may seem a bit anal, but the first time I neglected to ask this question, Graceful came home from a playdate and told me that her fellow preschool classmate's older brothers had almost pegged her with an arrow. Further inquiries revealed that the boys in question had a real archery set and had indeed practiced with the four-year-olds around.

Getting back to C and her invitation, Pete and I talked about it and decided to let Graceful decide. If she opted for the sleepover, we'd allow it, as another parent I know and trust has already done the vetting on behalf of her own daughter. Plus, C's mother is so diligent and responsible, she makes me look like Britney Spears by comparison.

I told Graceful about the invitation and she was very excited. However, she gave it some thought and decided that she'd like to have a regular playdate before having a sleepover. She's not worried or anxious or scared, she's just decided to stick with Jenworld family policy -- a stance I respect.

So I emailed C's mother and explained. C's mother responded that she understood and invited Graceful for a playdate on Friday, followed by a sleepover the next night, so about 24 hours apart. I thought that seemed a little too close together, but again opted to let Graceful decide.

I told Graceful about C's mother's new idea. Graceful mulled it over and asked if it would be possible to have the playdate on Friday and to schedule the sleepover for a couple of weeks from now, so as to "spread out the fun."

When did she get so wise? It's like she's 40, instead of 8-going-on-9.


Josie said...

A wise girl Grace is - spread out the fun - love it. You're obviously doing something right but you didn't need me to tell you that.

Jennifer said...

Josie, the wisdom must come from Pete, because he's not the one who storms around in a huff or rants on a blog or writes letters filled with cuss words. :-)