Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Signs of an orderly mind

Graceful learned about Roy G. Biv in kindergarten and her art has never been the same since. Whether she's working with crayons or markers, she starts each project by sorting her colors by Roy G. Biv:

She does the same thing with her school supplies, so that a look into her pencil box would show her colored pencils arranged in rainbow spectrum. I'm guessing the only reason she hasn't done this with her bookshelf is that her books are sorted by author.

She is SO my child.


Aims said...

My six year old niece does exactly the same thing - I was gobsmacked that she even knew what it was! I have a very pretty drawing of a rainbow on my fridge that my physics teacher would be proud of.

Josie said...

WB does that with schoold stuff and his shirts???
So not my child....