Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Should I roll a few curlers in her hair?

Even though the cool days of fall are two months away, I've started shopping for the girls' new clothes now. Packages have been arriving in the mail and via UPS for the past couple of weeks, much to the girls' delight. (I avoid actually going into stores whenever I can.)

Graceful and Elegant would like to start wearing their new clothes now, but August really isn't the time for fleece and flannel.

Elegant had outgrown her robe and slippers, so I replaced them with new ones. Regardless of the weather outside, the girl has decided that this is new look around the house:

Those huge butterflies really are quite marvy.

Elegant looks like a stereotypical housewife, so I'm waiting for her to start drinking coffee and watching "The View."


blackbird said...

I'm holding off buying some things for Youngest...but I'm pretty excited to be taking him shopping.
He didn't want to go last year.

She needs some rollers with her robe and slippers!

Aims said...

That is super cute - just don't let her get into the Valium!
What's the map on the wall behind? I want to get one of those old school maps that shows Australia as one ginormous mass and everything in the wrong place.

Jennifer said...

Aims, the map is a relief (raised) map of the U.S. from the 1960s or 1970s. It was Pete's when he was growing up and his mother brought it up to us several years ago. It originally had an awful brown frame that made the whole thing look just tatty and worn out, but I painted the frame glossy black this summer. It looks SO MUCH BETTER now, and the black makes the blues more blue and the black letters just really pop out. Good thing it worked out, because I might otherwise have been tempted for the map to have a fatal "accident." :-)

Josie said...

Awww...she looks absolutely adorable. I miss shopping for scholl clothes. WB takes the bank card, knows the limit and goes with friends. Even when I buy something for him, I have to make sure I can return it because he's sooo picky :)

kristi said...

Love those houseshoes!