Saturday, August 11, 2007


My sister Meredith emailed me late last night and asked if I could take care of a Ticketmaster order for her this morning promptly at 10:00 when the tickets became available for a specific event. She and her husband are currently on an airplane and therefore unable to handle the transaction myself.

Since I love my sister, I'm happy to help. Plus, she asked me to get tickets to "So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour 2007," which means I now have the right to tease her mercilessly at this year's family gatherings.

So I went to Ticketmaster's website and placed the order for two $43 tickets. Anyone care to guess what the total was once all of Ticketmaster's ridiculous fees were tacked on?


That's right. For $86 in tickets, Ticketmaster added another $32.30 in fees, almost the price of a third ticket.

$9.75 x 2 was a "convenience charge" and I'd love for someone to explain that one to me because I find nothing convenient about spending $20 for nothing.

Then there were assorted $2 and $4 fees. And, another $4 of that was for me to print the tickets ON MY OWN PRINTER. I could have had them mailed at no cost, but they are sent out on a couple of days in advance to the billing address, so there wouldn't have been enough time to get them to my sister unless I got in the car and drove 2.5 hours, which I'm not going to do. I'd do it for The Police or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but not for "So You Wish You Could Cha Cha Like a D-List Celeb."

Personally, I can't see spending almost $120 on this, but we all have different taste and I'm already planning to spend a large chunk of Pete's salary on tickets to Duran Duran's tour next summer. And we're getting good seats. Thong-flinging (front row) seats. I don't care how much they charge and how much extra Ticketmaster charges.

So Mer, I hope "So You'd Like to Tango With An Aging Bankrupt Actor" is worth it. Have fun in California and don't spend all your money there.

Amended to add:

So my mother has brought it my attention that it's "Dancing with the Stars" that pairs the has-beens with a professional dancer and that "So You Think You Can Dance" is basically "American Idol" for dancers.

(Hey, I don't watch this crap. The crap I watch is more along the lines of "Reno 911." )

So that new information that just makes all of the above worse, because now my sister just paid a lot of money to watch wannabees. My essential point remains.


Julia said...

tell your sister i would pay $100 apiece for those tickets. I'm green with jealousy. I love that show.

MizMell said...

Different strokes, I guess.

I must admit, ever since I saw Al Pacino dance the tango in "Scent of a Woman" I have wanted so very badly to learn the tango.

Alice said...

Ummm... is Reno 911 really crap? or incredibly witty?

Josie said...

The only reality show I watch is Miami Ink. Well, add LA Ink since Kat got her own show...but you get the drift.
I purposely go to the local Ticketmaster outlets here to avoid those fees because they are outrageous.
Although I did try online for Police tickets....and would have paid anything.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

OMG I LOVE Reno 911.