Sunday, August 12, 2007

Opening a can of worms

Earlier this summer, I took the girls to see a movie. One of the numerous trailers shown during the previews was for "The Simpsons Movie." The girls were strangely fascinated by it and have quoted the trailer endlessly in the past two months.

Last weekend, when we were visiting my brother and sister-in-law, they gave us the first three seasons of the "The Simpsons," which they had in duplicate. You know you have a well-matched couple when they both come into the marriage with the same DVDs.

Pete was obviously delighted. Graceful and Elegant were even more pleased, even though I'm not sure why they thought I'd let them watch Homer and crew.

Well, clearly I've lost my mind because I agreed.

We watched one episode together this evening. The one where the family acquires their dog, Santa's Little Helper. Elegant was absolutely enraptured and something tells me she's going to be quoting Bart a lot in the next few days, because I can hear her upstairs guffawing with Pete.

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