Monday, August 20, 2007

Need some advice, if anyone has it

I could use some suggestions for one of Graceful's new tics, which is a kissing tic. (Laugh if you want, but trust me it's not funny.) It started off with just kissing her stuffed animals multiple times, but has expanded greatly. Yesterday, she kissed her shoes before we could stop her.

Does anyone have an idea of how we could distract this tic? (For example, earlier in the year, she was squeezing her face hard, but we were able to distract the tic by giving her two stress balls to work over instead.)

We probably have two more weeks to deal with this.

School starts in two days and we want to give Graceful an outlet to deal with this tic, hopefully to prevent questions from her classmates. (Plus, kissing shoes is just gross.)

Anyone have any ideas?


MizMell said...

Kissing your shoes is not particularly gross. It all depends on where the lips land!
I was raised in a house full of superstitions. If your hemline presented a fold, you were to kiss it if you wanted a new dress. I still do this!

She's fine, Mom.

Jen (not the Jen) said...

No advice as no experience, but no mocking either. Trying hard to think of practical suggestions, if distraction worked before, could it work again? Like kissing a mirror by the door before leaving instead of shoes?

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Well, I had every conceivable twitchy habit you could imagine as a child. Followed by OCD as an adult - these days lots of exercise and super strict diet does seem to help a bit. Acceptance is good. Some people are just like that - it kind of feels satisfying to do all those twitchy things. I do take lots of magnesium/zinc, some theory about lack of tissue salts - who knows. Sometimes I have to touch door handles at least 10 times in a row as part of getting out of the house - not funny when in a hurry!!!

Happy Working Mom said...

I don't have any real suggestions...but to me, at least this one could appear semi-normal to other kids. Like mizmell said, she could just blame it on a superstition and I bet the kids would leave her alone!

I hope she stops it soon!

Anonymous said...

My Mom used to suggest that before kissing anything else, you have to kiss your elbow... Might be a distraction.

Janet said...

Maybe she could put her hand over her mouth and surreptitiously kiss her fingers or palm? Or even just placing a finger to her mouth. She might look as if she's contemplating something if anyone is watching.

Have you ever read anything by David Sedaris? He had some serious ticks and a child and they all went away when he started.... smoking. I'm not suggesting that as a solution for you, but his writing about needing to lick the light switch in school, and fighting the urge to tap his foot to his head in class are hilarious.

TX Poppet said...

We did tap your earlobe/lips. It gave Bear the sensation that quenched the unstoppable urge, but as you know that can get out out of hand and become harmful too. Sigh.

blackbird said...

Gosh - I wish I had all this help when Oldest had a touch-his-eye tic.
I had no one to talk to!

I think the finger to the lips idea might work...