Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More adventures with Ivana Goldtooth

After weeks and weeks and weeks of wiggling, Elegant lost her second tooth last night. Like the first time, she received a letter from her personal tooth fairy, Ivana Goldtooth:

Dearest Elegant,

Darling! I’m SO excited that you’ve lost your second tooth. How very thrilling for you, I’m sure.

So darling, I’ve had the most wonderful summer!!! I’ve just returned from a trip to Europe, where I saw so many great cities. I went to Paris, Rome, and Vienna. If you ever get a chance, darling Elegant, I hope you can go. And I know you would like French chocolate.

But now that August is here, I’m back in my apartment in New Tooth City for the last part of summer. Nieman Toothus will start getting clothes for fall soon and, darling, I just can’t wait to go shopping!!!

I see that you have been busy since I was last here. Your bedroom looks just divine and so very FANCY! I just love fancy things, don’t you?

Keep your teeth shiny and clean. I’ll be back soon to see you darling.

Love, Ivana Goldtooth

Pete thought Ivana overdid it bit by calling Elegant "darling" so many times, but Elegant loved it.

Elegant seems to have matured quite a bit in the past six weeks. The first time Ivana visited, Elegant woke up extra early to see if she'd come. This time, she didn't even wake us up to show us her letter and dollar bill. In fact, when I went into her room to check on her, she was reading and could hardly be bothered to answer my questions. She eventually deigned to notice me and then waxed effusive over Ivana and her latest adventures. There was some chuckling over the idea that tooth fairies go on vacation too.

Oh, and the lisp is back for a limited time.

So now we have to get used to Elegant's new smile. The first empty space has been almost filled by her new tooth, so there's only one opening at this point. There are three other loose teeth, including two on top.

I wonder what new adventures Ivana will have? If anyone has any ideas, feel free to share, because I'm fresh out of fairy tales at this moment.


MizMell said...

Ivana the tooth fairy... that's priceless!

When I was a kid, teeth were worth a quarter with one dollar reserved only for the two front teeth.

I also was always told that if I kept my tongue out of the hole left by the missing tooth, a gold tooth would grown in. Needless to say, I have no gold teeth. But, looking back now, I don't know why I would.

Aims said...

Ivana....she could hook up with Santa Claus? He would leave Mrs Claus for a younger, hotter model?

Josie said...

I want tooth fairy letters!!
I think its awesome that you do this for the girls. Absolutely awesome.

kristi said...

Adorable. Gosh, I always slap a couple of bucks under the pillow and pat myself on the back for doing that!