Monday, August 06, 2007

In the old days, it was Wonder Woman

Over the past year, Graceful and Elegant have intermittently played a game in which they are baby superheroes named Baby Glugs and Baby Baboon. It has something to do with being able to transform from their normal selves into baby superheroes. Or something like that. The game has evolved and been refined so much that I can't keep things straight. What I do know is that they tend to go straight into this game when we leave the house to walk to school and that their backpacks are useful accessories that can be rocket boosters, parachutes, hang gliders, and so forth.

For whatever reason, the girls started the game up at breakfast this morning as we were preparing to leave for camp. Elegant was developing her character's back story, which went like this:

"I'm Baby Baboon and I live with a pack of wild baboons. But they don't torture me. I can swing from vine to vine all day and never touch the ground..."

Since when do we have to worry about baboons violating the Geneva Conventions?

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MizMell said...

The baboons in Washington didn't hesitate.