Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm almost hyperventilating

Holy fucking shit! The 2008 IKEA! catalog is available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can view it online, but everyone knows that the real joy in the IKEA! catalog is getting it in the mail, then settling into a nice comfy spot with a drinky poo and possibly a snack, and then going through each page carefully, savoring the thrill of cheap Swedish furniture.

I cannot tell you how much this thrills me. Normally, the catalog comes out in about July, but when I was at two different IKEA! stores in two different states in two different time zones last month (I'm covering my bases here people), there were no catalogs to be found. Anywhere. And believe me, I was looking. Nor could you order one on the website. Or, maybe you could, but I sure as hell couldn't find it.

(Note to IKEA! management and web designers: Your website? It SUCKS. Big ones. Get some customers, like me, and form a marketing study group or something, and get a decent website. Oh, and I accept gift cards as payment.)

So somehow I came away with the impression that IKEA! was doing away with paper catalogs, what with them being so eco-friendly and all that. And I was bummed, because what am I supposed to flip through when Pete and I are watching a movie and he pauses it for the seventh time to take a whiz break or a refill, which would lead to the next whiz break?

You can look at the new catalog online, which is good, as only someone who is clairvoyant AND omniscient can find the secret password and pass through the trial of fire to actually order a paper catalog. (Clue: Go to the place where you sign up to get emails and read carefully. Don't tell anyone I told you.)

IKEA! It's such a bad habit to break. I might need to go through the 12 steps. But only after I go back and get the sconces I want for our living room, the extender thingy to make a Billy bookcase taller, and maybe this, and ... well, who knows what would strike my fancy.


nina said...

Delurking...Jen, I have two billy extenders in white sitting in our basement...want them??

There were Ikea catalogs STREWN about the street where I live...I "stole" one from a neighbor since they didn't toss one in my driveway. Good stuff!

Jennifer said...

Delurking Nina: Which Nina? The one I roomed with in college or another one? :-)

Lucky you to have IKEA! catalogs delivered practically to your front door!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Just ordered it, too!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

OMG, is that the Nina that you roomed with your first year, who I actually met once? Or do I have the name wrong?

nina said...

yes, me from that first year in college. :p I didn't know I was famous!!!

This catalog isn't as fantastic as years past, IMO...but there are, of course, some great things in there. We're looking for dressers for baby.

Josie said...

I made the CEO of IKEA richer on Saturday. There is one within a 10 minute drive of me.
I should just sign over my pay cheque....

Laura said...

Orange sofa! Yessss.