Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'll order three

I got an email today from Natural Home magazine, which is a publication that I eagerly anticipate its arrival in my mailbox each month. I also get emails from them a few times a month and find that there's always something to pique my interest.

Today's email was titled "Eco-Friendly Back to School Bags!" and I clicked on the link, even though I was pretty sure I knew what I'd find.

And I was right.

Two eco options, a messenger bag and a backpack. Both made of materials that are so friendly to the environment that they might actually bring back extinct species, including unicorns. Durable and lightweight. Comfortable and functional. Blah blah blah. Let's cut to the chase: The backpack sells for $74.99 plus shipping, while the messenger bag is merely $69.99 plus shipping. And, as the mother of two girls, I couldn't but notice that the color options were brown, brown, and brown.

Yeah, right.

When I buy backpacks for elementary school aged children, my first priority is that they are durable and can withstand being dropped on the floor or kicked on the bus or thrown on the playground. To that end, I want backpacks made from a fabric that includes Kevlar, kryptonite, and possibly even secret elements developed by scientists in an unmarked bunker under a mountain in Nevada. And I want them to be well under $50.

A backpack that is eco-friendly and all that is nice, but at almost $80, that's just too much, especially since I'm sure their testing staff didn't include a high-energy six year old who tends to collect heavy rocks on her daily travels.

We'll just have to save the planet another time and in another way.


Josie said...

I'm all for saving the planet but $80 for a kids bag?????
When WB was younger you were lucky if they lasted the whole year.
As it is now, he uses a messenger bag but needs a new one every year and that's $40 due to the amount he carries in it.
And brown??? How boring and unoriginal is that? What little girl wants a brown bag? So not fashionable.

Jennifer said...

We go ahead and fork over the money for bags from Lands End or L.L. Bean because we know they'll last at least two full school years. Elegant is about start Year 3 with her backpack and it's showing no signs of wear.