Friday, August 31, 2007

Hello Florida!!!!

Lori hooked me up on StatCounter this week, a way for me to track visits to Jen on the Edge.

I was torn about this move. On the one hand, I was happy in my ignorance about who's reading my blog and how many of you are out there. On the other hand, I was insanely curious.

And then there's my obsessive nature. Would I spend time -- too much time -- tracking my stats and worrying if things are down one day? Would I try to push the humor if that is what seems to please people and not talk seriously about other matters? Would stories of my thrilling days running errands and cleaning toilets excite you and increase my numbers or bore you and send you packing?

But you know the old saw about curiosity killing the cat... So I got hooked up with StatCounter. It's all Lori's fault. I blame her.

(Just kidding Lori!)

I would like to announce right here and now that I am NOT obsessed over the statistics. Honestly. Really truly. I'm limiting my visits to once a day and trying not to read too much into anything.

That said, the statistics I can track are simply fascinating. And I'm the person who dropped a class in statistics in undergrad because it was so fucking boring.

I can see if you people are coming to me from other blogs, through Google searches (and what the searches are -- there are some FREAKS out there people -- just sayin'), or starting off with me (because you like me for some strange reason). I can see what countries, states, and cities are represented.

And here's the funny thing that's leading me to my point in a very tedious roundabout fashion: I live in Virginia. My blog is linked to a blog of bloggers who live in my hometown. Dozens of us. I am also a Virginia native with relatives all over the damn Commonwealth (that's fancy speak for "state" for those of you who live in non-fancy, non-pretentious states).

So I assumed that Virginia would be the largest source of my readers.

I assumed wrong.

FLORIDA is where about a THIRD of my readers live. I am not kidding.

And a big chunk of those people are coming from Winter Park. I don't know ANYONE in Winter Park. Pinky swear, I don't. I don't have a retired grandma who's begged her canasta and bingo friends to visit my blog so I'll feel loved.

I checked further and a bunch of you Florida people are coming to me from Blackbird. Now, I'm not a 100% certain about this, but I think I can say with about 90% accuracy that Blackbird doesn't live in or near Florida. But I could be wrong about that.

And then a bunch of you Florida people went on to Lori's blog, so you are obviously a fine group of people with excellent taste in jewelry. So many people, in fact, that Lori emailed me and wanted to know who in the hell I know in Florida.

(BTW, you ALL-- Floridians and everyone else -- should go shop at Lori's website. And, no, I don't get a mega discount if I refer people. But I do think we all are most worthy of original accessories that make us stand out in a crowd. Well, we women, that is. You male readers, however, would do well to buy your women some bling bling. Christmas is around the corner you know.)

But I digress.

As always.

Wait, where was I going with this?

Oh, yeah right. Got it now.

Sorry about that. Pete fixed White Russians for Happy Hour tonight.

Anyway, I checked the statistics tonight and looked at the states and countries from which my readers originate. I looked at some locations and knew exactly who the readers are -- like Aims, Linda, Jen, and Josie. Whenever someone leaves a comment, I make a point to read his/her blog to get to know him/her a little, so I thought I had a pretty good handle on the 17 people who read my blog. It turns out that the number is actually quite a bit higher and I don't know who most of you readers are.

To be specific, besides Florida, I have no idea who's reading me from Nebraska, Missouri, and Idaho -- to name a few.

Who are you people?


Hint. Hint.

So please, pretty please satisfy my curiosity. Let me know who you are. We don't have to have a binding commitment or send Christmas cards or remember each other's birthday (well, you all should definitely remember mine), but we can at least know each other's names and where we live.

Because you should know by now that I am not patient, nor do I like mysteries, so this not knowing stuff is bugging the shit out of me, which means that I am most likely bugging the shit out of Pete as I pace around and wonder and wave my hands about and blather on about you Florida people.

I have really enjoyed meeting folks through my blog and other blogs and I'd like to know you.

So, drop me a comment or send an email to jenontheedge (at) yahoo (dot) com and say hi.

If anything, do it as an act of mercy for Pete.


Linda and her Surroundings said...

Well, I am feeling like I am not just leaving Carbon Footprints on earth - I am leaving data footprints on your, um, I better say something now I arrived here....Try get too obsessed with stats even if they do give a bit of a thrill!!! And do not change your style, just be you. It seems to have worked very well up to now....hmmm, might have a look at my stat counter in more detail now.

MizMell said...

I hear you on all points. I have readers in Winter Park... could they be coming from you? I have more in California though, I think.
And what IS up with the lurking and not leaving comments, anyway?

Rebecca said...

I'm trying to get one of those site trackers to work for me, but my blogger dashboard will no longer load the "Add a new page element" feature - did you need that for your site tracker.

BTW, if you hadn't figured it out before, I'm from New Jersey, but i think it says that on my front page. However, I do use your blog to find others to read as I like your style.

Jennifer said...

Rebecca, email me at jenontheedge (at)yahoo (dot) com and I'll tell you how to add new elements.

All: Thanks for the nice comments! :-)

blackbird said...

Less than 10% of my readers leave comments - it makes me a little crazy sometimes.

I don't live in Florida.
But that's all I'm saying SO NO ONE GET ANY IDEAS.

Suzanne said...

Just so's you know, Winter Park, FL seems to be a relay point or hub for some major carrier.

YOU actually almost always show up as Winter Park, FL in my blog stats, which I always found odd. I just figured perhaps your work server routed through FL or something.

I was more surprised the one or two times when you weren't listed as FL but not VA, either. Freaky and mysterious...

Blackbird has never shown up as Winter Park, FL in my stats, as far as I know, but neither will I blow her cover of where she actually hails from (I figured it out via sitemeter). I don't want her to hunt me down and HURT me. She may be small but she's mighty!

Josie said...

Stats counter?? How do I get that?
I can tell from Wordpress that I get way more hits than comments, but no clue who's stopping by.

And props to Lori - best Customer Service I have ever had - can't wait to get my ring:)

erin said...

That's interesting that someone mentioned work servers routing through FL - I think mine does. I know they moved our servers either to FL or South Carolina for some reason this year. Can't remember which one. (Not that I ever read blogs when I'm supposed to be working. Heh heh. Uh yeah.)

But anyway, I work from home a lot, so if I log into my work network before surfing around, maybe that happens? Right now I'm not on my work network, so I wonder if it just comes up as NJ, which is where I actually am. I was toying with the idea of moving to your area, b/c I was there last fall and loved it, so I started reading a news site you were linked to somehow and that is how I discovered your site. I hope you don't change anything, b/c I really like reading it - it's one of my favorites! When I'm online and I get bored I always check back to see if you've updated b/c I find your site so entertaining!

Jennifer said...


Thanks for your nice comments! If you think you're going to move down here, let me know so that I can give you lots of unwanted advice!


Carol said...

Hi Jen, Fun blog! I just found you via Blackbird, where I am a long time, non-commenting, lurker. If it says I'm from Florida--it's WRONG. Try the other coast; I live and work in the San Francisco Bay area. Lurking for me is due to not having anything sufficiently witty or wise to add to the conversation. The internet is the perfect place for the shy ones to hang out with the cool kids.