Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday chuckles

Josie reminded me of something that happened years ago, which was funny enough that you should know about it.

When Elegant was one, she and I were at the grocery store one day. We happened to be there at the time when a local retirement community had just dumped a busload of their residents at the store to pick up whatever it is that the elderly buy when they don't actually cook for themselves.

Elegant had a sippy cup of "apple water" (water with a tiny bit of apple juice) and was working on it as we made our way through the store.

We finished our shopping and were standing in line, waiting to pay. I was chatting politely with the two blue-haired ladies in the line next to me. They both got funny looks on their faces and averted their eyes. Puzzled, I looked down.

Elegant had stuck her sippy cup down in my shirt, in my cleavage, and was leaning forward drinking, like a lamb at a petting zoo. No, I hadn't noticed a thing until I looked down.

(This was even funnier because I didn't breastfeed my girls, so I have no idea how El came up with the idea.)

(And, no need for anyone to email me La Leche League propaganda on the benefits of breastfeeding.)

Just for kicks, this is how damn cute she was back then:


Josie said...

LOL - that is priceless. And she's cute enought to have gotten away with it.

Flutterby said...

LMAO it didn't have to be because you did or didn't breastfeed... it was just convenient LOLOL.

Rebecca said...

She's adorable!

Tag, you're it!