Thursday, August 16, 2007

Excuse me

Attention all parents:

If you have children and you take them out in public places, such as the Whole Foods that I go to, please keep an eye on your children. Okay? Please? Pretty please?

Graceful and I went to Whole Foods this morning. In the meat department, we were parked off to one side, when I heard a crashing sound. I turned around to find that two children (approximately 4 and 5 years old) had slammed their cart into ours, which then bumped into Graceful. (She's fine.) The children's mother moved her cart away from ours, but did not apologize to my child for being hit, nor did she reprimand her children. I asked Graceful if she was okay and the other mother just rolled her eyes and moved on.

Graceful and I were flabbergasted. And, so were a couple of other shoppers who saw what happened.

I mean, really, how bad is your parenting, if you aren't watching your children in a store? And how rude a person are you if you can't apologize to others?

And for those of you out there thinking I'm being too judgmental, let me assure you that my children never did anything like that when they were younger. They know what behavior is expected of them when we go out, plus I always kept a close eye on them. I've also taught them to excuse themselves or apologize if they bump into someone. If one of my girls had pushed a cart into another person, I can assure you that both she and I would have been apologizing profusely. It's just common courtesy.


Anonymous said...

I think manners is low on the list of parenting priorities nowadays.

Jennifer said...

Not on mine. I do my best to be unfailingly polite with people and expect my children to be polite to.

Suzanne said...

I would respond, but my eardrums burst yesterday due to the endless shrill, piercing screams of a young child that some parent allowed to run amok at the registers at the store. For at least 15 minutes.

I am still trying to staunch the bleeding.

Some kids get antsy, fine, I understand. But 15 minutes of high-decibel, deafening shrieking?? Not okay. Checkstands are not Gymboree, people!

The world needs more parents like you, Jen, who teach their children how to behave politely and appropriately out in public.

Janice said...

From the perspective of a non-parent, it DOES seem like there is less emphasis on basic courtesy and manners in parenting these days. Or maybe I've just gotten cranky as I get older, I don't know. Kudos to you for raising respectful children. Let's hope it rubs off on others.

erin said...

Funny you posted about this today. I was leaving my local Target last night and the automatic doors weren't working. Since I was pushing a cart, some little boy - maybe 10 years old - rushed ahead of me and held the door for me. And then when we got to the second set of doors he did it again! His mother came through the doors behind me (without a cart) and after I thanked him, I complimented her on her son's manners. It's sad to say, but you just don't see kids being that polite anymore and it must come from the parents, right? This woman is clearly making a point of teaching her son good manners just like you're teaching your kids, and I think that's great.

Aims said...

With my terrible bad mood yesterday, if this had happened to me, I would have shot her.
AND, as an aside, a boy with good manners is much more of a turn-on than one without. So, if you want your son to marry well, it's all about holding the door open!