Monday, August 20, 2007

Cussin' -- Elementary School Style, part 2

We have The Far Side daily calendar for 2007, which has provided a LOT of entertainment for Graceful and Elegant this year. It has also expanded their knowledge of humor and cultural literacy, as well as their vocabularies. In my opinion, if my children are learning from a great humorist, then their educations are progressing nicely.

Usually what happens is that Graceful reads the new comic in the morning, chuckles appreciatively, and then asks Pete or me, "What does this mean?" She'll then show it to Elegant and explain what it means, as if she knew all along. Then throughout the day, one or both girls will reread the calendar and laugh at such obviously sophisticated humor. They both take great satisfaction in being allowed this insight into the world of grown-up humor.

A recent daily Fair Side has caused much mirth and merriment in this house and I'm going to try to describe it to you. If you have no knowledge of the Lone Ranger, I'm not sure how funny you're going to find this.

An aged Lone Ranger is sitting in a chair reading an Indian dictionary. The caption below the illustration says, "The Lone Ranger, long since retired, makes an unpleasant discovery." The thought bubble coming out of his head says, "Oh here it is ... 'Kemosabe: Apache expression for a horse's rear end.' ... What the hey?"

When the girls read this, Pete had to explain a few things, but they very quickly figured it all out and really ran with it. I mean, really, how often do you read about horses' rear ends and then get to talk about it?

Elegant has had the most fun with this -- duh -- and even made up a song:

(Sung to the tune of "Oh my darling, Clementine")

Kemosahhhhbe, kemosabe

Quite complicated, as you can see. Too bad the child has sung it approximately eleventy zillion times and now I can't get it out of my head. Even the soundtrack to "High School Musical" would be preferable. Oh wait, actually, no it wouldn't. Sing on, Elegant.

Kemosabe has now become a profanity in Jenworld, used primarily (okay, only) by the two younger residents. Using it connotes a level of seriousness on par with "selfish" and "lazyguts" -- two other expletives hurled by the girls.

Elegant has announced that she's going to call anyone who annoys her a Kemosabe, a thought in which she takes wicked delight. Of course, this insult will make no sense to anyone but the four of us, but that's beside the point. Surprisingly, she has hurled this heinous insult at her sister only once or twice.

So that's the latest here in Jenworld. School starts in 45 hours.

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