Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Back in June, I asked people how many blogs they read and then posted some follow up. I'm still reading about 30 on a regular basis, but some of the blogs have rotated out and some new ones filled the void.

I've updated my blogroll to show whom I'm currently reading regularly. There are a few missing, as they're either some of these folks' second blogs or it's someone pretty new that I'm still checking out. Many of the folks listed read my blog, or at least I think they do, based on the comments, but others are just blogs I just like.

I make a point to read the blogs of the people who are kind enough to comment on mine. In this manner, I have made the e-acquaintance of some really interesting people and learned a lot.

If you're lurking and would like me to read your blog, please let me know via comments or via email at jenontheedge (at) yahoo (dot) com and I'll pay a visit.

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Aims said...

e-cquaintance!!! that's brilliant...I love interweb lingo. I'm back by the way - new post on where I have been! xx