Wednesday, July 04, 2007

When in the course of human events... *

I just love that that today is a national holiday and thus neither Pete nor I need to log into work or actually, you know, work. Of course, we planned our trip this way, so we'd have a day off to recover afterward, but still I am totally patting our collective self on the back for our lazy-ass morning and somewhat productive afternoon.

Since I had no internet access for a week (sob), I'm still getting caught up on emails, blogs, and general news. Pete must have seen the crazed look in my eye when My Precious (the computer) and I were reunited last night, because he let me have almost complete and total access all last night. To the tune of almost FOUR HOURS. Seriously. I clearly need to get a life. By the time I went to bed at well after 1 a.m. my eyes were bloodshot and sore from all the catching up. And I wasn't even done.

But I eventually got all caught up -- I already have a new bid on an eBay auction -- and then decided to catch up on, you know, life.

I went to Dante's 7th circle of hell (Sam's Club) for groceries, the hardware store for yet more supplies for the never ending round of house projects, visited with the fabulous Melissa and met the baby formerly known as Jennifer Junior. She's just perfect. And so is the baby. (Actually, Melissa has an amazing new haircut and a gorgeous pedicure and was even wearing pearl earrings when I arrived. She's less than a week post-partum people. Bitch.)

Tomorrow, back to work, starting with a meeting at 10 that requires I dress like a professional and interact with professionals as a professional. Little do they know.

* The preamble to the Declaration of Independence. You knew that, right? Happy 4th y'all!

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Suzanne said...

I spent four hours at Freddie's today, doing "web-based training" and a buddy shift during which I got to stand there and watch another cashier ring people up for two hours.

And I have to be back tomorrow at 8am for eight hours of training.

I'm celebrating my freedom from the hellish world of retail and customre service for the next nine hours. Oh, the humanity!!