Monday, July 16, 2007

Vegetarians will not be amused

So, what with our trip to Houston and then the girls' visit with my sister, I haven't really done much cooking in the past few weeks. On the weekends, Pete tends to cook or we'll order out. Yes, I cooked for the whole fam-damnily in Texas, but that was cooking for a crowd and not slaving lovingly over a wholesome meal for my man and our daughters.

[Snort, giggle... "Slaving lovingly" she wrote... As if.]

Anyhoodle, the girls have been asking for pot roast since they got back from Maryland. I know, I know. Pot roast. In July. But... We do have a wonderfully air conditioned house andI do so love a good roast and, oh, what the heck.

So, tonight's menu:

pot roast, with whole mushrooms simmering in the broth
roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots with olive oil and kosher salt
steamed broccoli

Luckily, we got a huge storm this afternoon, which dropped the temperature by about 15 degrees, so it won't be so odd that we're eating such a heavy meal this time of year. All the same, perhaps I should ratchet the AC down a bit and insist that everyone wears sweaters. You know, to put us in the mood and all that.

I can't wait for fall.


Aims said...

Haha you sound just like me about 6 months ago. Winter is great! It's all roaring fires and woolly jerseys! Last night I was shivering over a 10 watt fan heater as the gas bottle in the gas heater ran out and it was raining and I didn't want to go fill it up. Believe me - make the most of it!
By the way - what is pot roast? How does it work?

Jennifer said...

Aims: Pot roast is a cut of meat that you slow cook in the oven for hours and hours. We eat dinner at 6:30, so I usually put a roast in the oven around 2:00. You put broth in with the roast and the combo of the liquid and the slow cooking makes for a very tender piece of meat! If you want a recipe, let me know.

Suzanne said...

POT ROAST!! Yum!!!!!!!

Why wasn't I invited??

Oh yeah, I'm too busy working myself stoopid(er) over on the other side of the country. (she types as she enjoys a nice Rolling Rock long neck.)

At one point, I thought I might be coming back east this weekend for a couple of family things, but no dice.

Next you'll be having a crab feast with sweet corn and really driving me around the bend...