Thursday, July 05, 2007

TGI Thursday

You know what's one of the great things about my house? It's in a neighborhood right in town and we can actually watch our little 'Ville's municipal fireworks display from our front porch. While wearing pajamas. Which is eggzactly what we did last night. The four of us were piled up on the sofa in the living room watching "The Princess Diaries" and when we heard the first boom, we paused the movie, stepped outside to watch the sparkly explosions, and then came back in to continue our family love and admiration of Julie Andrews.

So today, things are back to normal. Well, as normal as they get in the summer when I have to juggle work and two children who aren't in school.

I had a work meeting this morning, so Pete worked from home and made sure the underage natives stayed out of trouble. Since Graceful is in the process of completely renovating and redecorating the dollhouse, and Elegant is her handmaiden, there was no trouble while I was gone. Only the occasional appearance of a somewhat bossy eight-year-old with a list of miniature shopping requirements. Written on orange paper and carefully numbered. Apparently, we will be seeking towels for the dollhouse bathrooms, as well as more appropriate furnishings and accessories for the new dollhouse nursery. I'm not sure which doll got knocked up and is about to give birth, but based on Graceful's frenzied pace, it must be imminent.

On my way home from work, I swung by the Habitat Store. I do so dearly love that place. I found an ugly beat-up desk that is going to be awesome in Elegant's room. Well, once I sand it, clean it, prime it, and add about four coats of paint. But that's just details. I'll post before and after photos once the magic is complete.

This afternoon I'll be cranking up the iTunes and working on a mailing at the kitchen table. I'll be mailing to about 700 alumni and think I can have it at the post office by Saturday, if I'm organized. Which I am. Plus, I have a two pound bag of M&Ms to fuel myself and any resident underage workers who'd like to earn a buck or two helping Mommy. Music and chocolate. That's pretty much all it takes around here.

At some point, I should probably finish unpacking from our trip. Oh, and then repack a suitcase with the girls' stuff for their five day visit to my sister's house. More on that later.

Also, I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mailman later this afternoon. Our mail was held while we were gone and the goods will be delivered today. I know of at least one package from, something from Etsy, and several magazines, including Dwell. My incentive to work hard this afternoon is being able to relax on My Precious this evening.

I'm tired already and it's only just noon. Probably because I only got four hours of sleep last night, but also because my list of tasks is just so bleeping long.

Well, Graceful just returned with more items on the list for the dollhouse. She now needs more cups, a flag, and "a fancier parlor."

I'm so glad it's Thursday and not Monday.


QueenMother said...

I am LOVING that Graceful is redecorating. She sounds like me-I rewallpapered my dollhouse by myself at 8. Anxiously awaiting the new arrival and pics of the redecorated nursery-perhaps some modern furnishings? QM

MizMell said...

I dearly love the habitat store, too. Great finds at affordable prices.

So where'd you find that hand chair?