Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ta da!

Hi there remember me? The blogger who has been somewhat silent lately. Yes, I know I've posted daily, but not multiple times as is my usual habit. All is well here. I'm fine. A silent Jen does not equal a Jen who is in a coma or dead. I've just been a bit busy.

On Thursday, I drove an hour to my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew Micah's new house and spent the day loving on the baby, helping them unpack, loving on the baby, organizing the new kitchen, playing with the baby, etc.

Yesterday, I drove up to D.C. to get my girls!!!! Well, first I made yet another trip to IKEA! to return something from my last visit, as well as pick up a few things. THEN, I got my girls. There was much hugging and holding tight on my part. The drive home was hellacious, as it was Friday and D.C./northern Virginia traffic is notorious for how wretched it is. Maybe not as bad as L.A., but bad nonetheless. A 2.25 hour drive home took 3.25 hours.

The girls had a terrific week and I think the only thing that induced them to come home was the promise of renovated bedrooms. They kept pestering me on the way home and I'd torture them with hints that weren't hints. "There's something blue and white and there's also something red and black...."

When we got home, Pete was waiting with open arms for his girls and then we all trooped upstairs to check everything out. There was much squealing with delight.

Some photos to help illustrate what I'm about to describe, starting with Elegant's room:

Standing in the doorway, looking in:

Yes, lots of lavender and purple, with touches of green. The wallies are of fairies and they're everywhere. In the corner is the dollhouse I've mentioned recently.

The new full-size bed, complete with a leafy canopy:

She said she felt like an ant under a real leaf and is now lobbying for pajamas with an ant print.

Oh, and remember the ugly desk I bought a couple weeks ago? Here's the before photo:

I know. Blech. I removed the hardware, including the funky brass thingies in the corners and then sanded, primed, and painted in three colors. Here's the after photo:

Yes, those are fairies on the desk. But of course.

There was no room for Elegant's dresser, except in the closet, which I have now organized within an inch of its life:

Eventually, we'll install proper closet organizers, but this is good for now.

Moving to the room next door, we have Graceful's domain:

She chose the pink walls and butterfly wallies herself, which surprised me, as she's not really a pink girl.

That loft? Graceful has been lobbying for one of those for about two years now and Pete only came around on the idea within the past couple of months. As you can see from the very bottom of the photo, the top "floor" is where Graceful sleeps and the bottom level is for All Things American Girl, of which there is real awful lot in this house. At least it's not Barbies or Bratz.

Graceful's closet is less than six feet wide and it's just not useful for much of anything, EXCEPT as a study nook:

Graceful calls it her office. I painted the walls and ceiling lavender and the desk is a slightly darker purple. When not in use, the doors close, completely hiding all the contents, including the chair. As you can imagine, Graceful is thrilled. Tomorrow, I'm putting a window on the office wall on the right so that she'll have a nice view.

For clothes storage, we went with IKEA! wardrobes:

I am SO envious of how well organized her clothes are. I haven't installed the doors yet, but they are opaque tempered glass with chrome trim. Trust me, it will look cool.

Then there's Graceful's reading nook:

This is a comfy spot that she just loves. We haven't finished putting all her books on the shelves yet, but we're getting there.

So that's how I've spent many, many, many hours and hundreds of dollars in the past week. The girls are pleased with the end results and I'm thrilled to be just about done.

And, I promise, I'll lay off the house reno talk for a while!


QueenMother said...

It is gorgeous. It is smart, elegant AND graceful. It looks so well done without being obnoxiously overdone. I love how you did all of it. Your girls will enjoy the rooms for such a long time. Great work, mama!

Suzanne said...

Wow, I feel like such a slacker now!!

Maybe I would get more accomplished if I wore my dansko's more, eh? ;)

Poppy Buxom said...

Beautiful rooms! Just gorgeous.

Remind me not to show this to my daughter.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

That's all just amazing! If I had more energy I'd change some things here!

erin said...

Both rooms look fantastic - I can't believe you did all of that in just a few days. Wow!