Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday night musings

We are now about halfway through the summer. Five weeks to go until school starts on August 22. Not that I'm counting the days or anything like that. Yet. Because I did just get my girls back from five days with my sister and I'm not actually looking to pass them on to the school system again quite yet.

We've had a nice weekend. We managed to find the right combination of fun, relaxation, and getting shit done. But not too much, because then we wouldn't have gotten a chance to relax, which we really needed.

Saturday morning, I drove Graceful to riding -- boy, does that girl love horses! During her lesson I sat on a bench and read Real Simple and pretended that the smell in my nostrils was the perfume sample in the magazine and not eau de equine. Afterward, we ran a couple of errands, including the library and the pharmacy. As we were sitting at the pharmacy drive-thru window, Graceful asked what we were getting. Since it was my birth control, which was none of her damn business, I was vague. Yes, I know there are parents out there who explain everything fully to their children, but I firmly believe that Mysteries of the Universe exist for a reason and that reason does not involve giving my daughter something to chat about with her fellow Brownie Girl Scouts at camp this week.

On Saturday afternoon, we went over to the home of Melissa, the better half of the Dynamic Duo of Shoe Shopping, and her husband Rich. I have mentioned previously that Melissa gave birth on June 29 to the Baby Formerly Known as Jennifer Junior. I can now report that the baby's real name is Ava Rose and she is Precious Amplified. She's that cute and I just want to kidnap her and make her my own, but that would probably be a downer on my friendship with Melissa, so I'll just leave her where she belongs.

So anyhoodle, Pete and I instead grabbed Melissa's and Rich's sons, Griffin and Ethan, and took them with us and the girls to play at our local children's museum. Put four children ranging in age from four up to almost nine in the same minivan and you get some mighty interesting conversations, I tell you. There was one where the children talked about Ancient Egypt from the perspective of bees, so Cleopatra of Egypt was "Beeopatra of Beegypt." The pyramids were "beeamyds" and Julius Caesar was "Julius Baesar." It went well until they got to King Tut and called him "King But," which immediately took the conversation on a downward, scatological turn. Once we were done getting the children all wild and riled up, we loaded them up with ice cream and took the boys home to their parents. Whereupon, we took ourselves home and had a quiet evening, involving a movie for Graceful, a timeout for Elegant in her pastel palace (her bedroom -- and don't ask about the other), and the last two episodes of Season 1 of "House" for Pete and me. I am so addicted to that show already.

Today, I went for a nice sweaty three mile walk with my good buddy Q. After that, my mother and stepfather came into town for lunch and a visit with us. They left mid-afternoon, at which point I settled onto the sofa to "rest my eyes" -- Jen-speak for napping with the Sunday newspaper nearby, in case I actually do want to read the Washington Post's Opinion section. While I was giving my retinas a break, Pete went to the grocery store, which makes him da man. Especially since he had also vacuumed the house and cleaned the first floor bathroom this morning. Then he took a nap of his own while I puttered around. In the midst of all this, the girls were engrossed by the dollhouse and not squabbling all that much.

All in all, it was a good weekend and we're all feeling rested and ready for the week ahead.

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Happy Working Mom said...

What a nice, relaxing weekend! I have to admit, I look forward to the day that I can take a nap and not worry about little ones sticking their fingers in sockets or falling down the stairs!