Friday, July 20, 2007

Since a couple of you have asked...

A few people have asked me offline how my father is doing, so I thought I'd post a quick update here.

He had chemotherapy today -- his 23rd or 24th session since December. Most patients have maybe a third of what he's had. But then again, most patients aren't terminal and fighting it with everything they have. He can pretty much decide on his chemo. He gets moderate doses every two weeks and can stop whenever he wants. He's terminal and this treatment is only palliative, so he has more say than other patients would.

Before the chemo today, Daddy had a portacath put in. His veins are collapsing, so this will help him with anything he might need injected. The procedure went well, so chemo went better today. Well, as good as it gets. He'll basically be sacked out on the sofa or in bed for the next three days and won't recover his strength (what's left) until the fifth or sixth day.

But, in general, he's doing okay. Well, not okay by your standards or mine. But compared to some of the worst days he's had -- and what he'll face later on -- he's not doing too badly.

His 60th birthday is in a month and we're optimistic that we'll be able to celebrate it with him -- something we weren't so sure of this winter and spring.

So, to those of you who asked, that's the latest. Thanks for your concern and kind wishes.


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