Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Random Wednesday Stuff

Random stuff:

1. When I packed Graceful's clothes last week for the visit with my sister, I discovered that the girl only had eight pairs of underwear. How can that be? I KNOW for fact that she had 15 in January when we packed for our trip to Florida. (Don't ask me how I remember, I just do.) Also, since I completely took both girls' rooms apart last week, I know there isn't any dirty laundry hiding anywhere. So where did all those skivvies go?

2. Elegant has sensitive skin so we have to be careful what we put on it, including sunblock. We use Neutrogena and just discovered the spray-on stuff this summer. Have you used this yet? It's amazing. It sprays on so nicely that you don't have to rub it or anything. We still have to use the rub-on stuff for the girls' faces but everything's so much easier now.

3. For about 30 crazy minutes on Sunday, Pete and I talked about knocking out the back wall of our house and adding on a new kitchen and then upstairs expand the girl's bathroom and Graceful's bedroom, as well as move the laundry room up there too. We have since come to our senses, which is a good thing since I think everyone's sick to death of hearing about our house projects. Plus, I think I'd seriously lose my shit if I have to go through any other house reno stuff right now.

4. I found out yesterday that, during Girl Scout camp this week, the campers will be cleaning the bathroom. Anyone else think this is out of line or is it just me? Why aren't the adults doing the cleaning?

5. I was rushing out of the house to pick up the girls after camp on Monday and dropped my keys in the pachysandra that's planted next to our kitchen stairs. If you're not familiar with this particular ground cover, let me describe it as lush and about six inches deep -- also, impossible to get rid of once it's established. We had also just gotten a heavy rain storm, so I had basically just dropped my keys and the beeper fob thingy in very wet vegetation and you're not supposed to get those thingies wet or else Mazda will charge you a $1,000 to replace the key with the electronic chip and the related beeper fob thingy. So I'm standing in wet pachysandra, hoping no snakes are nearby, frantically trying to find the damn keys. No luck. So I ribbed out gobs and gobs of pachysandra until I found the keys. I'm such a dumb ass. If I could figure out how to rip the stuff out permanently, I would. Short of dousing it in kerosene and lighting it on fire, I'm at a loss.

6. Elegant came home from Girl Scout camp with a backpack that weighed significantly more than it did in the morning. Further investigation showed that the girl had picked up a couple of large rocks and chunks of wood at camp and hauled them home. Total additional weight: TWO POUNDS.

Ending random stuff now.

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Jen (not THE Jen) said...

I'm a Brownie leader and when we go away on pack holidays, the girls take it in turns to do toilet duty - they all fight to do it early in the camp! I'm a volunteer, I give up my time to take these girls away, I think it is fair to make them take their turn at the icky stuff as well as the great stuff like abseiling, climbing and this Friday night - meeting JK Rowling at the launch of the last Harry Potter book.