Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nearly 1 a.m.

I can now report with complete authority and accuracy that it takes about three hours for a person to assemble this alone. I didn't get the tent, because I got an even better thingy instead. It has a name but I'm too tired to remember it now. I'll post photos later this week, I promise.

Graceful is going to be thrilled when she gets home on Friday, as she has been wanting a loft for a long time.

Elegant, however, could possibly be pissed. I tried to buy this on Sunday, but IKEA! was out of stock. So, for now, Elegant will merely have a double bed in her room, which is a step up from what she had before. Plus, I got her a cool thingy to hang over her bed too.

(Note to my mother: Mom, calm down. If we ever get around to buying this, we won't let Elegant horse around on the top bunk. We're not that irresponsible. We will however, teach her to jump from the top mattress to the bottom one.)

(just kidding)

(She'll probably figure that one out on her own.)

So, things are progressing nicely and tomorrow I'll tackle Graceful's armoire.


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QueenMother said...

Very fun. I am looking forward to getting some bunk beds for my big boys for Christmas.