Sunday, July 08, 2007

Missing them already.

(updated to add photos at the end...)

At this very moment, I am sitting in a house that is empty of children. Both juvenile residents of Jenworld are 125 miles away at my sister's house. For five days. 109 nine hours. But who's counting?

I am, that's who.

The longest the girls have ever been away from home without parents is one night for Elegant and two for Graceful.

I'm sure they'll be fine. In fact, I KNOW they'll be fine. If I were to entrust my precious offspring to anyone, it would be my sister Meredith and her husband Andy. They are both teachers, so they know kids and what to do with them. They're a great aunt and uncle and have always been involved in their nieces' and nephews' lives.

More relevant to this story, Mer and Andy spend their summers working at an amazing day camp located at a posh private school in suburban Washington DC. In fact, Meredith is the director of the girls' camp, which means my girls will hold something of a spot of honor among the other campers, as my sister is universally beloved by all those little girls.

They'll be there for five days. Did I mention that already?

I took the girls up today and dropped them off. Then I took myself off to IKEA! to do some mega shopping, which I'll detail more in the next few days.

We just got off the phone with the girls and heard about their afternoon. They went swimming and also tried archery for the first time, which they loved. They've had a yummy dinner, a relaxing bath, and are about to snuggle in bed and read for a bit.

While we were on the phone, Elegant gave us a run down of all the camp activities she'll be doing this week, "... archery, swimming, science, art, Red Cross... [pause as Meredith says something in the background] ... uh, I mean lacrosse..."

The girls are going to have a blast this week. Swimming twice daily, three other sports each morning, and then science, art, reading, computers, and other activities after lunch. I suspect they'll be very tired girls each evening and will go to sleep with no problem at all.

They're also excited because my youngest brother Josh is also working at the camp and is living with Meredith and Andy this summer. So they'll get to see him a lot this week, which is a treat since they normally don't get to see him as much as they do my brother Michael. Even more exciting, apparently Josh will drive them to camp once or twice. Will wonders never cease? Unicorns could swoop down from a rainbow and I don't think the girls could be any more excited than they already are.

So that's the status of Jenworld and its inhabitants. No children here, so the house is quiet and calm. Messy as hell, from the serious amount of crap I hauled home from IKEA!, but I'll deal with it this week with no little "helpers" around to ask questions and drive me crazy.

Only 101.5 hours to go...

Some photos my sister emailed this evening:

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