Saturday, July 07, 2007

Like mother, like daughter

As I mentioned the other day, Graceful has been pimping out her dollhouse. This is the dollhouse my father built for my sister and me nearly thirty years ago. A wooden colonial with lots of rooms. Meredith and I never fixed the place up, so when I got it from my parents a couple of years ago, I painted it and generally spruced the joint up a bit. Painting dollhouse rooms is somewhat difficult, as the rooms are small and cramped, so I haven't finished the job, much to Graceful's chagrin. I suspect I will be doing so soon.

Much of the original furniture has been lost over the years, so we've added some and the girls have scavenged to find what they need. Graceful has decreed that this is no longer sufficient and has made a numbered list of needed items. The last I saw, the list was up to #29. Sometimes, "needed items" aren't always what you'd think. For example, Graceful decided that the dollhouse needed a lightening rod and used a rubber band to attach a stick of sorts to the dollhouse chimney. You know, for all those lightening strikes in our house.

She also thinks the dollhouse needs a better TV. I hope it doesn't need to be a plasma, as that could set us back a bit.

In the bathrooms, Graceful is looking to acquire towels and the bars on which to hang them, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, and even a toilet plunger. I think it's telling that she included that last item, because it's a vital piece of equipment in this house. Without naming names, I will say that one member of our family consistently clogs the toilet, and it's not Pete, Elegant, or me.

Graceful is having a hard time with the parlor (her choice of terminology) as she wants it to be fancier, but she hasn't found what she needs. She wants a tea set with a silver tray. She wants this very much; so much so that she scavenged and came up with a temporary substitute. As she told me ... [lengthy diatribe about her difficulties] ... "so in desperation I made a tea tray out of ..." Whatever it was she chose, it wasn't good enough and she's just disgusted by the fakery.

As with so many older homes, the dollhouse has storage issues and Graceful has requested some closets. As renovating dollhouses is not within my capabilities, we'll be looking for wee armoires. Better yet, I'll give her a shoe box and tell her it's a climate-controlled storage facility for the dolls' extra stuff.

Believe it or not, it is possible to find wee mid-century modern furniture for dollhouses and I actually already had four different mod chairs, which I've donated to the cause. I happen to know that it's possible to get a marshmallow sofa just like My Precious but I haven't seen one on eBay this week. Earlier this winter, I requested samples from FLOR when I was considering what to put in the living room, and those samples are now gracing the floors of the dollhouse. I'll bet I could create a tiny little inspiration board just like ours. You know, I know I could...

I went to eBay and found a seller who specializes in dollhouse items and purchased various little things yesterday, including a couple of pieces of art for the walls (hope the dollhouse people like French impressionism), the damn tea set and a silver tray, a fancy schmancy vase for the parlor mantel, and even a little fish bowl (#24 on the list). So Graceful can soon stop hyperventilating over the fake tea tray. She'll probably ask for a wee coffee table on which to display it.

Graceful has also asked for a nice dollhouse family for her birthday. Porcelain, if you please Mommy. A mother, father, brother, sister, and baby sister. I've been looking around online but haven't bought anything because Graceful cannot decide between a modern family and an old fashioned one. In the folder where she has been keeping her decorating notes (really, she is SO my child), she has a list of the pros and cons of modern versus old fashioned.

The "good points" of modern dollhouse dolls:
  • "They will probably be used to a modern dollhouse."
  • "They will be used to modern clothes."
  • "They will be used to the year 2007."
Under old fashioned dolls, the good points are:
  • "Pretty"
  • "Nice clothes"
Alas, the bad point is that "they might not be used to a modern dollhouse."

Really, this is a very difficult decision to make.

So Gracefull really is a mini me. Not that this is surprising, but I am still occasionally bemused to see a smaller version of myself, right down to the great organizational skills, desire to redecorate the world, and dictatorial bossiness.

And on that note, I'm off to attack today's painting projects.


QueenMother said...

Oh my. Your graceful must marry the lawyer so that I can be part of the list making decorating love that the two of you have going on.

Poppy Buxom said...

Oh, how I loved reading this. My daughter has never really been interested in dolls. Whereas I? Still am.