Saturday, July 07, 2007

It's late on Saturday afternoon and my house is a wreck.

After having not been near a horse since her tonsillectomy, Graceful went back to riding lessons again today. She was very happy and apparently chattered away like a magpie during her entire half hour. The instructor told Pete that Graceful should consider a career in radio broadcasting.

While they were gone, I painted Graceful's closet in anticipation of turning it into a study nook. I hauled out all kinds of stuff we've been storing, including her kindergarten science fair project (yes, I know, our kids go to one of THOSE schools). I also took her hanging clothes out and stuck them temporarily into Elegant's closet, which is much larger. Elegant was deeply immersed in a book when I came in with the clothes and didn't notice my arrival or departure. Nor did she seem to notice that I was painting in the room next door.

Elegant finally got dressed around noon. I noticed she had on a cute dress and something about it tickled a brain cell into alertness, but not so much that I could figure out why. Then Elegant started talking about how happy she was that I had cleaned out Graceful's closet and put the stuff that was too small for big sister into little sister's closet. Then I got it. Elegant was wearing one of Graceful's dresses and very, very, very pleased with life at that moment, thinking that she had scored all sorts of new clothes.

Meanwhile, after the riding lesson, Pete and Graceful went out for brunch and then swung by a motorcycle dealership "just to look." Yes, look all you want honey, because I will not sanction the purchase of a motorcycle. Pete told me when they got home, "You know it's a bad sign when the motorcycle salesman is in a wheelchair."

Later on, the girls went outside and found some new rocks to add to their collection. I was unaware of this until I walked upstairs and noticed the light on in their bathroom. I also couldn't help but notice the 11 Dixie cups arrayed along the counter. Within each was some murky water that smelled strongly of hand sanitizer. An interrogation of my six-year-old (who else?) revealed that each cup contained a rock that was soaking in a mixture of water, liquid soap, and lots of sanitizer. That mess has now been cleaned up and the rocks are drying on a towel.

Also, the first fall catalog came in the mail today. As wonderful as L.L. Bean is, and as adorable as their children's fall clothes are, it's hard to get excited about fleece and wool when it's 90 degrees outside. The girls, however, feel differently, and they have each gone through the catalog page by page and have noted their preferences with a carefully placed "G" or "E."

The rest of the afternoon has been spent on a variety of tasks, as we have far too many projects going on, plus the girls leave tomorrow for five days with my sister, so I'm packing. More on that tomorrow.

We ordered dinner and it should arrive any moment now. I believe I'll be accessorizing my pizza roll with a large frosty alcoholic beverage.

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Josie said...

I love that Elegant thought she had acquired a whole bunch of new clothes.
Hope the girls have fun on their 5 day vacation and you enjoyed your pizza and adult beverage.