Thursday, July 12, 2007

I feel the urge to watch baseball

One thing I've neglected to mention this week as I've bored everyone to tears about my reno of the girls' bedrooms (almost done!) is that, not only are the girls out of town this week, Pete is too. Specifically, he was at his once-per-year business trip at a conference for his group's clients. Yep. The ONE week that Pete is gone is also the SAME week the girls are gone. Luckily, he'll be back this evening.

So the house has been my personal domain since Monday.

Remember when I mentioned that I've never been away from the girls this long? The same applies to Pete. Seriously, in my entire life of 38 years and 2.5 months, I have never, ever lived alone. Consequently, I haven't slept so well this week. Every time our aging house creaks, I jerk awake. To get around that, I've just opted to stay up until 1 or 2 or even 3 in the morning, so now my sleep schedule is totally messed up.

But that's okay! Because my new sleep schedule helps prove the theory I am about to lay out for you:

I think I'm becoming a guy.

Okay, not physically, but definitely in my actions.

Exhibit #1 for the prosecution: I'm not cooking this week. Why bother? There's no one here to appreciate my efforts. Much easier to reheat leftovers in the microwave or have a bowl of cereal. Even better, go out for dinner, specifically fast food of some sort. Last night I had Raising Cane's for dinner. Let me be clear: I ate chicken strips and only chicken strips. No vegetables or fruits or anything else healthy to adulterate my meal of chickeny heaven. Just chicken. And I ate it straight from the styro container. No plate, no fork.

Exhibit #2: I drank straight from the apple juice jug yesterday. And finished it off in big manly gulps. I didn't actually wipe my mouth off with the back of my hand, but I came close.

Exhibit #3: I walked into one of the bathrooms yesterday and realized that I hadn't flushed it after a visit the day before. And I'd left the lid up, which is almost a criminal offense in this household of three females.

Exhibit #4: It took me almost 24 hours to unload a dishwasher of clean dishes. I just kept using clean ones as needed and eventually realized that I'd run out of room for the dirties in the sink, so I had to empty the dishwasher just so I could refill it.

It appears that I'm only one step away from watching ESPN and possibly even taking the newspaper with me into the bathroom.

Thank goodness Pete comes home tonight. I'll revert to my usual feminine self and let him be the guy. I think he'll appreciate that gesture on my part.

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Aims said...

Sometimes slothing out is something we all need to get out of our system. My favourite is doing the "Homer Simpson" and setting up the couch to be surrounded by my favourite snacks and beer with a whole lot of good TV lined up.