Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Even Elegant won't complain

Since, for some reason, I feel compelled to cook this week, I thought I'd post tonight's dinner too.

(I don't know why I'm being like June Cleaver, but I am. I'm actually cooking these days and not just throwing shit together. Scary, I know.)

Anyway, tonight's menu:

baked chicken
fresh corn on the cob
multi-grain bread with butter

Don't worry, we're going to negate all the healthy stuff above with Edy's Loaded Butterfinger Ice Cream.


Aims said...

Edamame? What the? I had to google it and it said "Soybeans". Is it like tofu?
The meal sounds delicious!

Jennifer said...

Edamame is like beans. Looks like lima beans but tastes much, much, much better. We cook it in the microwave with a little salt and butter and it's delish!