Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sneaky moms

Graceful and Elegant have been letting their hair grow longer for over a year now. The original reason was that they wanted to donate their hair to Locks of Love, but now I think they just like having longer hair. Their hair is currently a few inches below their shoulders, which is a lot of hair.

Graceful takes good care of her hair and keeps it brushed and tangle-free. Elegant, however, is another matter. She is simply unable to deal with her hair. She has a lot and it's thick and almost has a life of its own. Lots of body and bounce. A few curls. It tangles if you so much as look at it and the knots are hard to get out, even with detangling spray. Mornings can be a battlefield, with me trying to be very careful not to pull, while she's screaming like I'm cutting her arm off without any anaesthesia.

I wanted to cut Elegant's hair shorter, but she was having none of it. I could have forced the issue, but I want to respect the girls' decision to have their hair they way they want it, as my own mother cut my hair without consulting me when I was about Elegant's age and I hated it. (Hi Mom.)

Today, Elegant fixed her own lunch and got honey in her hair. I told her we'd just wash it thoroughly tonight and it would be fine. She suggested that we cut the honey out instead. That's when inspiration struck.

"You know, El, we could cut your hair -- OUTSIDE -- and then scatter the hair in the grass for the birds to use for nests."

Ten minutes later, we were on the front porch, with Elegant holding as still as she could, which is saying a lot for this child. I cut three inches off, so her hair just touches her shoulders, and it looks so much better. Healthier and less out of control.

I'm so good.

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Happy Working Mom said...

Awesome idea!!! Sometimes I feel bad "tricking" my kids like that, but it's totally a necessity of being a mom!