Sunday, June 17, 2007

Our Sunday in photos

We've had a very good Sunday indeed. No major obligations, no major house/yard projects.

My father and stepmother were in town this weekend, so we had brunch with them before they hit the road. We went to a local diner that's a favorite of ours and we all chose our faves to chow on: eggs, pancakes, etc. My father felt okay this weekend, but of course when I look at him, all I can think of is terminal cancer. My parents gave Pete a Father's Day card and, in it, my father wrote him a really sweet -- bittersweet, really -- message that made me want to cry. Every holiday we celebrate, I think we all assume it will be Daddy's last.

After brunch, we went to buy new bikes for the girls but came home empty handed. Elegant said she was happy to have Graceful's old bike and Graceful was just in a pissy mood and didn't feel like shopping for bikes. We did buy Elegant some accessories to pimp her ride, including this gem:

Believe me, there were far more obnoxious options.

She also got some sparkly thingies for her spokes and tassels for the handlebars.

Since it was hot today -- 88 F/31 C -- I suggested that the girls wear their camelbacks to stay hydrated. This was the first use since we got them at REI in the spring and Elegant was really keen to use hers. In fact, she multi-tasked by riding AND drinking at the same time:

Nice flowers on the bike basket.

And, yes, I could make a joke here about drinking and driving, but it's just too easy. Instead, I will say that I told the Divine Miss E that if she didn't start looking at the road, that I'd take away her camelback.

I did poke around my yard a bit:

Apparently, I need to get off my lazy ass and finish raking out the bags of mulch I bought last month.

My flowers are looking pretty good though:

Although the damn deer have been eating my daylillies again. And, just when things were looking really good and I could see what colors I'll have this year. There will be no colors now.

But, on the bright side, it appears that we have fairies:

So that's kind of fun.

After it got too hot to be outside, we came in and found things to do here. Lots of reading, as we had the Sunday paper to plow through. Naps are imperative on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Elegant worked at the easel, as she so often does. The only change today is that she kept her camelback on and drank while she worked:

Well, dehydration is the leading cause of death among artists.

The girls spent some time playing with their new toy:

It's a real shame that we've spent so much money on the house that we can't afford toys for our children. All they get is our cardboard leftovers.

Elegant is back at her easel working on God knows what. She just asked, "Can you think of any 'E' names besides Eleanor, Ella, and Ellie Jr.?" Um, yes, and I'd have to say that you've got the "el" syllable pretty much covered there.

Graceful seems to be feeling better and is now almost-but-not-quite chowing food normally. Good thing, as I can feel the mountain ridge that is her backbone when I put my hand on her back. Instead of the low rolling curves of the Appalachian Mountains, she's now more like the tall soaring spires of the Rocky Mountains. Get that girl some ice cream, stat!

Elegant has some new sneakers that she's dying to wear:

Most excellent, don't you think? I got them at the big Hanna Andersson online sale, which I hit thoroughly every time they have one. These are supposed to be sneakers for the fall, but El's dying to wear them NOW.

It's evening now and we're about to shower the girls and let them watch a movie.

I think I'm ready to face Monday.

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