Friday, June 22, 2007

Our resident Nancy Drew

We went to see the "Nancy Drew" movie today. This is totally up Graceful's alley. She is crazy about the books, loves mysteries, and is all about strong female role models. The movie was entertaining and we all enjoyed it. The character is charmingly old-fashioned but also thoroughly modern. Just like Graceful. She was clearly inspired by the movie.

As we were sitting in the theater, the "check for emergency exits" message came on before the ads started. Graceful carefully looked all around her, noting the locations of the exits. Twice. (This child also reads the emergency cards on airplanes and notes the locations of the exits.)

Nancy Drew has a "sleuthing kit" she carries with her at all times. It's a bag containing everything she might need: flashlight and extra batteries, notebook for clues, pen, magnifying glass, etc. As I type, Graceful is putting together her own sleuthing kit, which includes the supplies listed above, as well as a compass and some invisible ink (yes, she actually has some). She also included sunglasses in case she needs a disguise. Graceful decided to use a fanny pack because, "It can't be dropped or stolen." She opted against a backpack because, "If you're trying to make a quick getaway, the backpack might slow you down when you get in the car." Nancy made several quick getaways in the movie, including once when she jumped straight into her convertible without using the door. I should probably keep the sunroof on our car closed at all times or else I might find Graceful trying a new type of entry.

I should mention that Graceful has been lobbying us to register her in karate or tae kwon do this fall. There's a scene in the movie when Nancy uses self defense moves to escape a bad guy. Graceful leaned over to me and said, "And THAT'S why I need to take tae kwon do."

Alas, there are no mysteries to be solved in our house. No dead bodies or missing persons, but Graceful is on the case and prepared for when something does happen.

Well, now Elegant has decided to create her own sleuthing kit. As she is wont to do, she has made aesthetics a priority, so her supplies will be contained within a blue fake fur purse. I can't wait to see what tools she deems necessary. With the Divine Miss E, anything is possible.


Suzanne said...

I have almost a complete collection fo teh original Nanacy Drew books, some of which were my mother's (in the original blue binding, even!). I saved them for years, imagining my daughters reading them someday.

Alas, I have no daughters of my own, but I understand one of my best friend's younger daughter is a HUGE fan, so I may entice her to come over and borrow some from Aunt Zanne's library.

She's be likely to put together her own sleuthing kit as well, although I suspect hers would be in a pink fur purse.

MizMell said...

The imagination is such a wonderful thing. I have two girls (now in their 20s) and this post brought a smile of to my face instantly.
Their father built them a playhouse in the back yard and the two compromised on color. The outside was purple with pink trim, while the inside was was pink with purple trim. I think it was used as an aerial landmark for the pilots.

Anonymous said...

Umm.. karate STINKS!!! But, Nancy Drew was SO good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!