Friday, June 22, 2007

Of blankets and geeks

I love my husband. Really, I do. And he loves me. For strange reason, he puts up with me and my countless foibles.

Pete can be a geek at times. I won't go so far as to say he's a nerd, but he can definitely be a geek. He's Mr. Technical and I've already mentioned that he's in the computer industry.

(To be fair, I'm not exactly Mrs. Cool myself. In fact, around our house, we joke that I'm so far behind the curve on cool that one day the curve is going to come back around, end up behind me, and then I'll actually be ahead of the curve of coolness. If that makes sense.)

I'm now going to take you through a seemingly random and rambling narrative that I promise will make sense when I'm finished. Bear with me and read to the end.

When Pete was growing up, he was a big fan of the British TV show "Dr. Who." If you are not familiar with this show, I will try to describe it to you. It's science fiction and has something to do with a Time Lord who travels through the universe and through time doing various good deeds. The show first aired in the 1960s and the budget was tight, so the sets were usually pretty flimsy looking and filmography wasn't first class. This campy atmosphere prevailed, even after money became available to spruce things up a bit.

How do I know all this? Because Pete of course introduced me to Dr. Who after we got married, so I've seen some of the shows.

As with other characters in movies and TV, the original Dr. Who eventually left the show and a new one was brought in. Instead of just ignoring the obvious change, such as in the James Bond movies, the show's producers decided to create a storyline that explained the change. So, it turns out that occasionally Dr. Who has to change his appearance, sort of like a snake shedding its skin, including the way he dresses and behaves. This adds a bit of fun to the show because each new actor can really shape the role to his liking.

(Attention Sci Fi Geeks: If I have this wrong or have missed some critical detail, feel free to let me know, but please be kind with your nerdy criticisms.)

As with James Bond, everyone has their favorite Dr. Who. It mostly depends on when you started watching the show and which doctor was on at the time. In Pete's case, he started watching in the 1970s when Tom Baker played Doctor Who. One of this doctor's defining characteristics was that he always, always, always wore this r-e-a-l-l-y long handknitted scarf in every show. It was like ten feet long or something like that.

(See where I'm going with this yet?)

Here's a photo:

Does it look familiar to you in any way? Perhaps it resembles a certain knitted item I recently posted a photo of?

Getting it now?

We now refer to the blanket as the Doctor Who Blanket.

Yes, we are a household of geeks.

But at least we aren't Trekkies. We do have some pride.

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