Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nancy Drew is so predictable

Graceful is, as I mentioned yesterday, a big Nancy Drew fan. We have the books and she has recently started reading them. In numerical order, of course.

Graceful noticed that Nancy always seems to black out at least once in each book, which Graceful finds to be both odd and amusing.

She walked by me in the living room last night, a new mystery in hand.

I asked, "So, has Nancy blacked out yet?"

Graceful, "No but I expect she's going to eventually."


Alice said...

Did that happen in the movie too?

Jennifer said...

Actually, yes, sort of. There was a car accident where it might or might not have happened and then a kidnapping where it might or might not have happened. Of course, I wondered since Graceful had mentioned her observation to me earlier in the week.

Anonymous said...

Has she noticed that Nancy's hair color/physical description changes with practically each book? (I think it's Nancy - or her friends). That used to bug me!