Monday, June 25, 2007

Mission: Possible

Bedtime in this house can be a trial. Elegant will be tired, yet say she's not ready for bed. She'll fuss and pick at her sister and dawdle in the bathroom and generally be difficult.

Luckily, Nancy Drew helped me come up with a plan.

Last night, I sent Graceful upstairs first.

Then, I told Elegant I had a mission for her. I instructed her to go to the bottom of the stairs, look up, and see if Graceful was finished in the bathroom. She was not, so I told Elegant to spy and let me know when the coast was clear.

So Elegant stealthily spied from the front foyer and then informed me when the bathroom upstairs was free. I instructed her to sneak up the stairs without anyone hearing her. She told me her plan, which was to avoid the first and last steps, as they "thqueak."

She then snuck up the stairs, v-e-r-y quietly closed the bathroom door, and brushed her teeth. Then she quietly opened the bathroom door, snuck across the hall, and slipped into her bed.

Mission accomplished.

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