Saturday, June 23, 2007

Looky what I got!

Check out what I got today!

I ordered it from an Etsy seller, Bliss by Heather. I've already dumped out my old purse and put everything in the new one. Is this not the coolest?!?

It's just so well-made. It's lined inside with some sort of fabric that's a little stiff, so the purse will definitely hold its shape.

I'll definitely be checking back with her in the fall for a new bag.


Josie said...

Oh I love it. Love it.

MizMell said...

Nice purse. I saw one similar at her shop in teal and chocolate brown.

Do you sew??

Jennifer said...

I don't really sew much. When I do, it's very simple stuff. I can do things like decorative pillows, window valances, and have made some basic quilts -- but that's it. Basic is my operative word. I am planning another quilt, but it will be a simple checkerboard pattern with no wonky angles to throw me off. :-)