Monday, June 18, 2007

It's hard to take her seriously when she sounds so cute

Elegant, "I'm NOT having tha-man for dinner."

(That's "salmon" with a lisp, due to her lost tooth.)


C.Flicken said...

No joke. My baby is Lispy Lisperson, and everything she says is so adorable that I giggle and squeeze her buns every time she opens her mouth.

Julia said...

Tha-man. Cute!

The asbestos house was the one with the garden. To replace the furnace would mean stirring it up. My dad once supervised the removal of it in commercial settings. Not pretty, not cheap.

Yeah, we're going to try to pull the bid. It hasn't gone through to the buyers yet.

Nasty stuff.

In my city, we have lead pipes, formaldehyde insulation and asbestos. I'm afraid the dream of an older, character-filled house just died!