Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From 32 down to less than 30

A few days ago, I asked how many blogs other people read. Your responses were helpful and let me know that I'm not a total nut for reading so many other strangers' blogs.

And by the way, THANK YOU for your nice comments about my blog. You really made my day, no, week.

I went through my list of blogs and eliminated a few that either I wasn't enjoying very much or weren't making me think, but my core group is still more than two dozen. It's a lot, but I really enjoying reading what other people have on their minds. Luckily, life isn't too busy right now, so I can make the time to check daily and stay current. When school starts again, and work gets busier, it will be harder to stay on top of things.

It's amazing to me how much my life has changed since I started reading blogs. Seriously, a year ago, they weren't even on my radar. My friend Melissa -- the other half of the Dynamic Duo of Shoe Shopping -- got me hooked. So it's all her fault. Bitch.

(BTW, only three days until Melissa's c-section and "Jennifer Junior" is finally here. M gets huge props for not killing anyone in the past six weeks. You go girl!)

Once I started reading other people's blogs, I naturally started thinking about what I'd write if I had a blog. But I wasn't planning on blogging so it really didn't matter.

And here we are.

I started blogging almost six months ago. Guess how many entries I've posted.

Almost 400.

Insane, I know.

Some entries have been good, some middling, and some just lame. I've posted long entries and quick bumper stickers and everything in between.

Clearly, I've had a lot to say. Then again, anyone who knows me knows that my mouth is always flapping and that I rarely take a breath. It's who I am and I offer no apologies.

(And Graceful is clearly cut of the same cloth.)

During all this blogging -- both reading and writing -- I've become acquainted with new people. I now have new e-friends across the U.S. and in four other countries that I know of. Astounding. Somehow, while it seems normal for me to read someone else's blog and decide to stick around for more, it blows my mind that anyone other than my mother and Crazy Aunt Laura would be interested in what I have to say. I mean, hell, Pete didn't even start reading my blog until two weeks ago and I'm not sure if he's checking regularly or not. Poor guy has to listen to me at home, so why would he inflict more torture upon himself? Is it part of the "for better or worse" in our wedding vows?

So in one year, I've gone from not knowing anything about blogs to reading two dozen of them daily, having one of my own, and planning a second one for the end of the summer. I'm almost afraid to think of what next year will bring.

It's a slippery slope to blog. How much information do I impart? What's acceptable and what's not only crossing the line, but going all the way over in the next county?

Some bloggers, such as Lori, have their name, email, and address as part of their blogs. In Lori's case, this makes total sense because she runs a business and publicity is a good thing. Other people, such as my sister-in-law and Happy Working Mom, generally don't use names or tell where they live.

I'm in the middle. Obviously, I use my real and name and Pete's, but not our last name.

I use nicknames for our girls, but that's more for fun than anything, and the nicknames are very close to their real names. Anyone who knows our family could look at my blog and figure out it's us.

For now, I talk openly about my girls. I talk about the good and the bad and I don't hold back. Later, if I'm still doing this when they're teenagers, the rules might have to change a bit. The girls might one day end up in therapy, but I don't want it to be because someone teased them by saying, "Your mother blogs about you."

I have talked about living in Virginia and in a college town, so it would be easy enough to figure out where we live if one were curious. I don't talk about my job much, as my blog should never in any way reflect on the wonderful people I work for and with. My thoughts are my own and not representative of that organization.

I talk about what's on my mind and the things I find funny. I talk about what's bothering me and what I'm struggling with, but I also manage to find humor every day, sometimes in places where it's not expected. Living with children helps. Having a strange sense of humor helps too. Not everyone gets my sense of humor but, hey, it's MY damn blog. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it. But luckily, a few people do like it and read it and that makes me very happy.

I'm going to end this now. It's time to get my day rolling. We were up very late last night working on the new pantry. All four of us were involved. It was fun, but we were up too late and then slept in this morning. I have errands to run and a job that needs my attention. Oh, and we're going on vacation tomorrow, so I have to pack, as well as finish my pre-vacation blog entry.

See you later.

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