Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cussing on a Sunday

We are finally nearing completion on some of the house projects we've been working on for the past few months. Pete finished the drywall work on the inside of the new pantry yesterday, as well as on the wall on the back side (the wall in the study).

Here's a photo of Graceful learning to do drywall work:

She's pretty good, so maybe we can hire her out.

Pete took the girls to an amusement park today, which was the perfect opportunity for me to start painting. The idea was simple: They're gone. I paint. Easy.

Actually, no.

First of all, Pete neglected to clean up after himself when he did the drywall, so I first had to wipe down the new drywall and clean up the drifts of drywall dust on the floor and all surfaces within a six foot radius.


Drywall dust is a bitch to clean up. It's so fine that it skittered away whenever I tried to clean it up. I swept. I wiped with a cloth. I mopped.


When I went to wash my hands, I noticed that the other adult resident of the house had neglected to put his dishes in the dishwasher after breakfast, which meant I needed to do that in order to have easy access to the sink when I was painting. (We don't have a utility sink.)


Finally, it was time to start prepping. I started in the study and got the tarps down and taped in place. Then I went down to the basement to get my supplies.

We have a small house; only about 2,000 s.f. It was built in the 1970s, so storage is minimal. We don't have a coat closet and our only storage room is also our laundry room. As we've been working on various projects around the house in the past few months, we've been dumping stuff in the laundry room, planning to deal with it later. Consequently, there's not a lot of room to move around in there and it's tough to find what we need.

So I'm stepping around the junk in the laundry room, gathering brushes, paint pans, etc. I went to the place where we keep the paint. We've painted so much in the house that we have many partially-used gallon and quart cans of paint. The kitchen, study, and living room are all the same shade of off-white and I was pretty sure I had paint for the project.

Except, I didn't.


Nor could I find any primer for this new drywall.

[more cussing]

So I had to go to the hardware store. There's only one big-box hardware store in town and it's always packed on the weekends. Oh, and I was wearing my nasty painting clothes and my hair was sticking up all over the place.

I went to the store and got the primer and the paint. I also picked up the shelves, brackets, and hardware for the pantry. And some plants, but that's a different story.

I got home and was FINALLY ready to begin.

But then I discovered that I had no rollers with which to paint, which baffles me because I know I bought a multi-pack at some point and can't have possibly used them all up yet. And I only had one liner for the paint pan. But, I did have a 3" roller and the mini pan that goes with it.

[cussing, cussing, cussing]

I could either go back to the store to get what I needed or just work with what I have.

Through pure cussedness, I opted to just use the mini roller and pan, even though it would take me longer to do the job.

By this point, sweat was pouring down my body even though it was 75 degrees and cloudy outside. All the same, I decided to turn on the air conditioner and dial it down until the air came on. Polar bears would feel good in the house right now.

From there, all I can say is that things just kept getting worse. I think there comes a point that I get so frustrated and angry that I start making mistakes and doing stupid things. Luckily, at some point, things took a turn for the better and I finished painting with no major mishaps.

So in spite of everything, I'm actually pretty relaxed at this moment. The house looks like a bomb went off, but I'm about to start putting things to rights and think I can have it in pretty good shape by the time Pete and the girls get home in about an hour.

The inside of the pantry is ready to have the shelves hung, which Pete will agree to do tonight if he knows what's good for him. Hopefully, I'll soon have a pantry that would impress even Martha "Satan" Stewart. If so, I'll post photos here so everyone can marvel.

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Suzanne said...

Wow, I'm impressed you still managed to get the painting done with only a 3" roller!

I experienced similar issues when trying to move a shelf in my bathroom two years ago. It somehow lead to having to paint the front door (don't ask!) and running out of paint half way through painting the shutters to match and then getting the wrong color of paint , etc. etc., etc. Multiple trips to the super store, so I totally understand your frustration.

The lesson I learned was "Never start a home improvement project when taking non-drowsy cold medication." Actually, it was was even simpler than that: "Never take non-drowsy cold medication, period." No good ever comes from it.