Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And we're off...

We're leaving for Houston shortly and I won't be posting for about a week.

I know, I know. Texas. In the summer. We must be mad.

We're going to there to visit Pete's mother and two of his siblings and their families. We're looking forward to seeing everyone, but this definitely won't be a week at a spa. Not that I've ever been, but I've heard those places are just HEAVEN. You don't work. You don't clean. You don't struggle or toil in any way. You just sit on your ass and let paid attendants drop bonbons right into your mouth.

Or something like that.

On the other end of the spectrum, we're staying at Pete's mother's house. It's a very nice house, but it hasn't been lived in, except for occasional weekend visitors, since she moved into assisted living last fall. Let me elaborate: The fridge is empty, so we'll have to fill it. The house hasn't been cleaned regularly, so we'll be scrubbing toilets. The bed we'll be sleeping in is in the front foyer, where it was dumped several months ago when my MIL moved from one facility to another and the bed wasn't needed in the new place. So we'll be coming in at about 10:30 p.m. and then hauling furniture up a flight up stairs just so that we can go to sleep.

No, there won't be a chocolate waiting on my 400 thread count pillowcase. Or 400 thread count pillowcases. I hear you get those at spas.

Oh, and I won't have internet access while we're gone.

I could bring my laptop with me, but the house only has dial-up, not DSL or wireless. I know, I could go to an internet cafe or a Starbucks and log in, but I'm trying to treat this as a character-building experience. I'll either come back dumber because I had no access to info for a week or I'll come back smarter because I had no access to info for a week. No Yahoo News. No blogs. No Perez Hilton. No eBay. I can feel the DTs starting already.


On the up side, I won't have to read about Paris Hilton's return to society. (Seriously, I am so fucking happy that some news outlets are now ignoring her very existence. Why can't everyone pretend she doesn't exist?)

[cheering up]

Lest I seem negative about the situation, let me explain that I was the driving force behind this trip. It took me months to convince Pete to do this. In fact, we had originally planned to go to Canada this summer but decided that we need to go to Houston as it's been two years since our last family visit. And, since we're stockpiling money in our travel budget for England next year, two major trips this summer are out.

But dudes. Houston. In the summer. Really, we have lost our minds. It's not just hot, it's humid. And the bugs. I won't even talk about those. Elegant is allergic to mosquito bites, so I'm thinking of putting her in a hazmat suit for the duration of the visit. I wonder if they come in pink with sequins?

We are planning lots of fun things: Museums, including one of the best children's museums in the country. A scouting mission to Ikea, which is close by, so we can window shop there before I come back here and make a two hour pilgrimage to the Mother Ship closest to us. We also plan to hang out at the pool with Pete's siblings and their families. Oh, and we'll probably eat dinner with everyone most evenings, including cooking for them at the house a couple of times, which should be fun. And the Mexican food down there is, well, authentic and delish.

So, the bags are just about packed. The trip fairy has put together new books and goodies for the girls during the flight, including M&Ms for all female residents of Jenworld. The iPod is cocked, locked, and ready to rock. I have some new magazines waiting for me. I think we're pretty much ready.

Wish me luck. And, I'll be back in about a week.


QueenMother said...

Don't forget to hit Chuy's in the Woodlands while you are there. It could be worse-you could be going someplace like Arkansas. QM

Aims said...

I hope it all goes well! Just eat lots of spare ribs...that's what I imagine Texas to be like...lots of places that serve ribs. Yum. Catch up when you get back!

Suzanne said...

Have a great time! Hope the heat & humidity are balanced out by lotsa family fun!

Anonymous said...

Tex Mex slathered in cheese should help ease the pain. Or breakfast burritos, cmon it could be worse. You will be missed.

Flutterby said...

I canceled my trip to Houston for next month because of the heat and humidity. I grew up in it; but since moving away to the dry desert of New Mexico 13 years ago, I can't handle it there anymore. I had planned the trip, and then a week later thought "What in the HELL are you THINKING!! You ALWAYS do this in the summer and ALWAYS say you will NEVER do it again! Go for Christmas, for Petes sake!" So, we canceled. And are going at Christmas. Unless we get snow that socks us in for weeks again. I could do without that.

Julia said...

uggh. It was 41 degrees (don't ask me what that is in american degrees!) yesterday here in Canada. No doubt it is hotter in texas -- say hi to my dad for me while you're there and try not to look at the cheap and HUGE houses!

MizMell said...

Wave at my youngest when you begin your descent into Houston. She's in College Station. Oh,and when you're about 40 minutes west of DFW wave (northerly) at my eldest in Abilene. I'm planning a trip down sometime this summer to check on them both.

And you are so very very correct, there is nothing in this part of the country that is even CLOSE to the Tex Mex you'll be having in Houston. The best off-the-shelf salsa is Rotel Pico De Gallo Salsa. I have never been able to find it anywhere but Texas.(at HEB grocery stores).

Laura said...

Have fun be safe CAL loves you!