Monday, May 07, 2007

Zen and the art of music

Okay, so I just have to show you the new toy Pete gave me for my birthday:

It's an iPod, of course, although the photo is a bit fuzzy. I can listen to music on it AND I can also watch movies, TV shows, etc. on that cute little screen. I haven't actually watched anything yet, so I have no idea if I'm going to need a magnifying glass or not. Right now, I'm just really excited by the possibilities.

My iPod holds 30 gb, which is a shitload of music. Pete was kind enough to download lots and lots of music and even some shows for me, so my toy came ready to rumble. I've added more, including a playlist that I designed just for my morning walks. I went for a long walk this morning after we took the girls to school and I was extra perky, I tell you. I think I may have improved my personal best for three miles.

Even though the front of my iPod is black, all the rest is sleek silver. It's so sleek and cool, plus it has so many features, that I've named it "Q". Why? Because it's exactly the kind of gadget that Q gives to James Bond at the beginning of every movie. I'm pretty sure that if Q had handed this little baby to 007, it would have had the following features:
  • a laser beam to cut the mad warmonger in half WHILE James is trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey,
  • a garrote for doing away with evil henchmen,
  • a wee little camera for taking pictures of blueprints for atomic bombs AND babes in bikinis,
  • and it would even mix up a martini, for those moments when Bond, James Bond is feeling a bit parched.
So I'm very excited about Q and it's possibilities. I've already put together my walking music, so now I need to work on my Sam's Club music -- you know, to keep me calm and cool while I'm suffering the agonies of being in one of my least favorite stores.

Graceful and Elegant are excited about my toy too, because now they get to have my old mp3 player, which I've already loaded up with their favorites. We were in the car for several hours yesterday and it was very quiet because the girls both had on headphones: One would listen to music while the other played with the Leapster (sort of an educational video game that we call the Crackster because it's so addictive to kids). I ordinarily am not a big fan of families that plug in and tune out, but I do have to say that it was blissful not to have to break up any backseat squabbles or say things like, "Don't make me reach back there."

But I digress.

Anyway, so that's the fabulous toy I got from Pete. If you see me out walking or at Sam's Club and I don't respond to your nice greetings, it's because I'm plugged in.

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anne-sophie said...

an ipod!!! you have luck
so... have good time with your new toy!
(sorry for my english, i'm french :) )