Friday, May 11, 2007

Mother's Day (to work her ass off)

After school today, the girls and I walked down the street for a playdate with friends. The mother was a bit hot and sweaty when we arrived, and admitted that they had just gotten home from their church, where she had been running around and working on the set up for tomorrow's mother/daughter tea in honor of Mother's Day on Sunday.

What a sweet idea, I thought.

My friend Amy then mentioned that she herself would be making 150 heart-shaped PB&Js, as well as dozens of chocolate chip cookies, as part of the splendid array of food offerings for the mothers and daughters tomorrow.

While we were talking about it, one of Amy's church friends called from the church to run through some details for tomorrow. Various women had brought in plants and flowers to brighten up the church's social hall, so there was decorating going on, in addition to setting up tables, cooking food, and whatnot.

Has anyone caught the irony in all this?

In my mind, the point of a mother/daughter tea is for the mothers and daughters to have a lovely time together AND it also seems fair that the mothers should not have to handle 100% of the preparations. I forgot to ask if the mothers would also be washing dishes and putting away tables and chairs after the tea tomorrow.

It occurs to me that if this were a father/daughter tea or a father/son event that the mothers would also be handling catering, decorations, set up, and clean up. Yet my friend did not mention one single man being involved in this endeavor tomorrow. When, exactly, do the mothers get to just arrive for an event without having participated fully in the preparations?

Do I need to hammer my point in further or have I done a thorough job already?

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