Monday, May 14, 2007

$hit, F#*%, and D@mn

The mail arrived a couple of hours ago. Among the large pile of things great and crappy was an innocent looking letter from a magazine company with which I do business. I ignored the envelope for more than an hour. When I did open it, expecting that it was a solicitation for more business, my heart rate immediately went up to about 200. It appears that hackers broke into this company's database and stole credit card information, including mine.

Luckily, we live in an age when I can access my credit card statement online, which I've already done and found that nothing looks amiss. Unfortunately, I've burned a hole in my credit card in the past month, so there were a lot of transactions to sort through.

In the past 15 minutes, I've closed my credit card account and requested a new one. I've also called one of the major credit bureau agencies to put a fraud alert on my personal credit file. They'll forward the alert to the other two major credit reporting agencies. I'm also making a note on my calendar for a month from now to request a credit report, to be followed by reports every month or two for the next year. It may seem excessive, but I have extremely good credit and am taking no chances on this one.

And, damn, now I won't have a new credit card for 7-10 business days. Do you know what that means to someone who does most of her shopping online?!

Whew. Okay, I think my heart rate is now to about 120, so I guess I should go chant or meditate or something to get it to less than 100.

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